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When everyone leaves and forgets about you there is someone who will NEVER forget about you! YOUR HORSE.
They’re forgiving animals but hurt them once and they will never trust you again.

Submitted by: Kasi

Horse: loving, caring, brave and a girl’s best friend.

Submitted by: ken

Horses Are Like Chocolates You Can’t Just Have One. <3<3

Submitted by: Victoriaa

It’s never about pushing a horse, its about pushing him to do what you know he can.

Submitted by: Allison

Some say having a horse is a chore… Nope, totally wrong in every way.. Having a horse is my LIFE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Submitted by: Lily

Somewhere behind the rider you have become is the hours of practice you put in, the coaches who pushed you, the hard falls, the great wins, the money spent, the lame horse, the crazy horse, the push button horse, the blood, sweat, tears, blisters, ripped jeans and everything in between. But behind all of that is the kid that fell in love with the horse, the sport, the passion and never looked back.

Submitted by: Rachael

Wild Horses are a symphony in motion; inspired by heavenly melodies, they dance to captivate their Creator.

Submitted by: Lisa Patti

The taller your horse, the closer you are to the stars.

Submitted by: Lex

Yeah! But can you ride?

Submitted by: Heather

Horses are the best things you can have in your life! (:
When your world falls apart. Just look beside you, and your horse will be there! <3

Submitted by: Peace Yo

With a fast horse, good run, and a winning time. Who needs a cowboy?!?:)

Submitted by: Jessica

Horseback riding isn’t a sport right? No it’s more it’s a life style. A friendship. A way to become free from all in the world. Horseback riding is more than anything. It’s my life.

Submitted by: Kristen

If you’ve known the heart of a horse… You have truly known LOVE.
A good horse = the one love that will never break your heart.

Submitted by: Angela Logan

A Thoroughbred Can Race,
A Draft Horse Can Pull,
A Warmblood Can Jump,
But A Quarter Horse Can Do It All!
Don’t Chase Your Dreams, Hope On And Ride It!
There Is No Secret As Close As That Between The Horse And The Rider.
A English Horse Has Grace and Elegance,
A Western Horse Has Guts And Commitment,
But My Horse Has It All!

Submitted by: Sarah

We bet you know one little girl who would rather meet Bezzie Madden rather than Lady Gaga any day. (:
– Jade
I know I would.

Submitted by: Jade

Horses are freedom!

Submitted by: Jaimee

We may not be the best riders ever but it doesn’t stop us doing what we love!

Submitted by: megan+courtney

Men have said that they have seen spirits, but only horse riders have seen a true angel.

Submitted by: Shamuslover

Cowboys may come and go but a horse is forever.

Submitted by: Pinto buddy

The Hardest Part Of Barrel Racing Is The Ground.
Riding- The Art Of Keeping The Horse Between You And The Ground.

Submitted by: Brooke

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