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I would rather die than not have a horse.

Submitted by: Avery

Let the horse lead not follow.

Submitted by: Avery

The greater the horseman, the humbler the man!

Submitted by: Brett

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride.

Horse Quote: If you climb in the saddle, be...

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Submitted by: Ashton Jennings

Horseback riding is not only a sport but it’s a passion too.
Without horses we would be nothing!

Submitted by: Olivia Hamblen

Horses are all we need because they are God’s gift to you.

Submitted by: Olivia Hamblen

As a matter of fact. The world does revolve around my horse!

Submitted by: miley

Every trainer can eventually get a horse to do what they want them to do, but the great trainer can get the horse to want to do it. That’s the key. And every trainer can hear a horse talking, but the great trainer can hear the little whispers.

Submitted by: Jack

Whenever you feel in the dumps, sit in a horse’s saddle, everything in life disappears except for the bond between you and your horse.

Submitted by: Anna loves Scotti(my horsey!)

You must have fallen often or more times to be a true horse rider and to know what a horse rider is you must know how to muck out, turn out, tack out and jump.

Submitted by: Lucy Miller
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