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Horses Are So Much Better Than Boys !!!! :S

Submitted by: Victoriaa

Some people say riding isn’t a SPORT, they may be right because it is just too amazing to be a sport, it is something out of this world!

Submitted by: Mel

No hour of life is wasted that is spent on a saddle.

Submitted by: Vedica

You can not learn riding without falling.

Submitted by: Vedica

Drop, Slide & Ride.

Submitted by: Matthew

When you are riding, cherish the simple things in life, life has its majestic moments.

Submitted by: Torii Waisanen

Get a life, ride a horse.

Submitted by: za

The taller your horse, farther it is to the ground.

Submitted by: Bonnie Prestegard

The more I am around people the more I wish they were horses.

Submitted by: unknown

One look into my horse’s eyes, and I found my heart and soul.

Submitted by: dana biebesheimer

Horses may come, horses may go, but forever they will leave hoof prints inside my soul.

Submitted by: Kayla

Horse: He will stumble and you will fall and break your arm but he will never break your heart.

Submitted by: sushi

Live Laugh Lope

Submitted by: Harv

Yes, I smell like a horse. Your point is??

Submitted by: hannah

I wanted to fly, so I mounted up.

Submitted by: Emily s

If no answer check the barn.
My therapist has 4 legs.
My boyfriend asked me to pick between him and my horse, I better go get the saddle.

Submitted by: sanumetow

To ride a horse is to ride the sky.

Submitted by: Horse

I’m never far away from home, ’cause home is where the horse is.
There’s such thing as heaven on earth; it’s called a horse.
When I ride my horse, all worries, sorrows, and fears eat the dust I leave behind.

Submitted by: JoYcE ?

You can replace anything but a horse.

Submitted by: Mary

A gallop is so fast your worries can’t keep up.
If you have never loved a horse, or been loved by a horse, then you have no idea what true love is.
The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse.
– from Vavra’s Vision
Equine images

Submitted by: Hannah

Not an hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.
– Winston Churchill

Submitted by: bananna

A horse is a true friend and a part of the family; therefore, they deserve to be that way.
A horse, like a true friend, listens to you, so when they tell you something in response LISTEN UP!

Submitted by: Hannah Adams

A horse is freedom, love, compassion and so much more!
What are we without them?

Submitted by: megan

God guides the wind and the wind guides the wild horses.

Submitted by: Spirited Horse Girl

Remember you can ride as fast as he can run. <3

Submitted by: Barrel girl (:

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