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Cowboys may come and go but a horse is forever.

Submitted by: Pinto buddy

A Thoroughbred Can Race,
A Draft Horse Can Pull,
A Warmblood Can Jump,
But A Quarter Horse Can Do It All!
Don’t Chase Your Dreams, Hope On And Ride It!
There Is No Secret As Close As That Between The Horse And The Rider.
A English Horse Has Grace and Elegance,
A Western Horse Has Guts And Commitment,
But My Horse Has It All!

Submitted by: Sarah

Fat is always average when speaking of a horse.

Submitted by: Dolly

Dogs have owners; Horses have a staff.
How to ride a horse:
Step 1- Mount the horse.
Step 2- Stay mounted.
He knows when you are happy. He knows when you are upset. He also knows when you have a carrot.
A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.

Submitted by: Fraction

Horses are freedom!

Submitted by: Jaimee

No one knows you better than your horse. <3

Submitted by: Meghan

My barrel horse is smarter than your honor student.

Submitted by: Hillman

A girls gotta believe in something, I believe I’ll go riding.

Submitted by: Heather

When riding my horse I no longer have my heart in my chest, but between my knees.

Submitted by: horse mad

Your life is wasted when it’s not in the saddle.

Submitted by: Veronicaa

My friend told me barrel racing was SO EASY ! I can’t wait till I put her on a horse and watch her go around a cloverleaf shape at 50 miles per hour.

Submitted by: Veronicaa

Been there, knocked it over, and got the medals to prove it.

Submitted by: Veronicaa

Ride him like you stole him.

Submitted by: Salem1

When I open the gate and my horses walk over to me and nuzzle my hand one by one and blow a breath of air, there is no greater pleasure in my day. I know they have accepted me into their world.
Horses let us enter their world and trust us to keep them safe. In return we live in paradise with them.

Submitted by: Louise

Anyone can sit on a horse and call it riding, but not just anyone can get back in the saddle after being thrown off and was so close to killing themselves.

Submitted by: Jessie

Boyfriends, girlfriends, buddies may come and go, but my horse will be with me till the very end.

Submitted by: cassidy

My guardian angel has hooves. <3

Submitted by: Zeus' Wings

Don’t flatter yourself cowboy, I was just looking at your horse.

Submitted by: crazy hrose

Throw your heart over the fence, and your horse will follow.

Submitted by: Jessica

Don’t be mad just because you don’t have a horse like mine.

Submitted by: Anonymous

He talks without saying a word, whispering love sings in my ear. Tickling my neck with his scruffy nose. No matter how down I am with troubles, stresses, or countless failures, he supports me til the days end. My horse will be with me, watching me from the heavens, shared through someone or something else. My horse is my heaven and life. With him, I can do ANYTHING. <3

Submitted by: Jessie

A horse is more than a best friend, it’s family.

Submitted by: Carey

Great riders are not great because of their talent. Great riders are great because of their passion.

Submitted by: Annie k

Everyday is a good day when you are around horses.:)

Submitted by: Hannah

You can tell a gelding, you can ask a mare, but you must discuss it with a stallion.
Speak kindly to your little horse, and soothe him when he wheezes, or he may turn his back on you, and kick you where he pleases.
Horses are something to dream about…and to wish for; fun to watch…and to make friends with; nice to pat… And great to hug: and, oh, what a joy to ride.
You can lead a horse to water, but if you can get him to roll over and float on his back, then you got something.
You can’t control a young horse unless you control yourself.
In what other sport do you put on leather boots, stretch- fabric breeches, a shirt and tie, a wool jacket, a velvet- covered cap, and leather gloves, and then go out and ride?

Submitted by: Megan

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