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God guides the wind and the wind guides the wild horses.

Submitted by: Spirited Horse Girl

Remember you can ride as fast as he can run. <3

Submitted by: Barrel girl (:

Live. Love. Ride
If you don’t have that, you don’t have a life.

Submitted by: Bob the hobo (jaelynn)

Some say having a horse is a chore… Nope, totally wrong in every way.. Having a horse is my LIFE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Submitted by: Lily

Having an amazing life is a big luxury, owning a horse is bigger.

Submitted by: Abbie

You have never experienced “everything” until you’ve rode a horse.

Submitted by: Abbie

To ride, or not to ride? What a stupid question.
– Emma

Submitted by: Emma

There is nothing like knowing that there is a horse in your pasture, who is willing to do anything for you and even trust you with their life.

Submitted by: Emma

Life’s good but horses make it better.

Submitted by:

When I see you it’s like I’m in a whole other world.

Submitted by: Marina

Horse: loving, caring, brave and a girl’s best friend.

Submitted by: ken

When you get on your horse and go into the woods, remember, it’s not the horse that leads you the right way, it’s God.

Submitted by: macken

When you get on your horse and go in the woods, it’s not the horse that leads you the right way, it’s God.

Submitted by: Ken

If you’ve never ridden a horse then you’ve never felt freedom.

Submitted by: ken

A horse is as good as his rider. Not! A horse is always better than his rider, because he is pure, truthful, smart, beautiful, happy, and everything a human isn’t. That’s what a horse is.
Live. You say you live, not until you have a horse!

Submitted by: Maserati

Smile and your horse will smile with you, cry and your horse will cry with you, but hurt your horse and it will suffer alone.

Submitted by: MarriedToHorses

A girl’s horse is better then any boyfriend. She knows she can tell her horse anything and knows she’ll listen, knows it won’t be shouted from the roof tops, or turned and twisted. She knows each day she comes home someones happy to see her. She knows she won’t be judged, and most of important, she knows the true meaning of love.<3

Submitted by: laineyannn

When people say I’m obsessed with horses it’s an understatement.

Submitted by: Born2ride

Some people say riding isn’t a sport.
I tend to agree… It’s more like a way of life.

Submitted by: Heather

My horse is my life. He’s my greatest love, and even when he’s gone, I’ll never, ever stop loving him. And when I go to heaven, if my horse(s) aren’t there, I will turn right back around.
– Author Unknown

Submitted by: Hannah

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