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Seven days without a horse makes one weak.

Submitted by: Theo

Riding is another word for freedom.

Submitted by: RosieRae

You can say whatever you want about me but don’t talk bad about my horse.

Submitted by: Kasi

Nothing is better than being on the back of a horse.

Submitted by: Melissa

Treat you as good as my horse?… Never

Submitted by: Chelsie

Our horses give us the wings we never had.

Submitted by: Ally

I was a normal girl…then I bought my first horse!

Submitted by: Lau

To ride is to borrow wings from a true angel.

Submitted by: GraceC

To ride, or not to ride? What a stupid question.
– Emma

Submitted by: Emma

The more I am around people the more I wish they were horses.

Submitted by: unknown

If there is no horse in my life, then I have nothing to live for.

Submitted by: carl

My life without horses would be like the sky without clouds; empty.
To be in harmony with your horse means to become one, heart beat to hoofbeat.

Submitted by: Ali

You don’t think a horse can count? Put three carrots in your pocket and give your horse only two.

Submitted by: Emma

There is no such thing as a safe horse. But if there was then it would take the fun out of riding.
– Unknown

Submitted by: Jim Bob

There Is No Bond Stronger Then That Between A Women & Her Horse. No Matter What Is Going On In Life, Your Horse Is Always There For You. No Words Need To Be Spoken, But All Is Understood.

Submitted by: Renee

Horses: If God made anything more beautiful, He kept it for Himself.

Horse Quote: Horses: If God made anything more beautiful,...

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Submitted by: Horseluver

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about horses.

Submitted by: Callie

Horseback riding isn’t commanding, it’s listening.
When someone asks me “Where can I find cloud nine?” I look at them. “Only on the back of a horse.”
You won’t find me at the mall, and you won’t find me at parties. But you will find me at the stables.
When I was little, my parents thought my love of horses was just a phase. If it is, that sure is a long phase, for it’ll last a life time and forever more.
Horseback riding isn’t just a sport, it’s my WHOLE life!
Horses eat money like they eat hay, but they always end up stealing your heart like a thief steals money lying around on the ground.
When life gives you a horse, get on, and RIDE!

Submitted by: Katrina

Great riders are not great because of their talent. Great riders are great because of their passion.

Submitted by: Annie k

A horse is not your partner until you learn to listen to him.

Submitted by: Olga

Close your eyes and ride,and you will beleve your flying

Submitted by: holli

I asked God for a true friend and he sent me a horse.

Submitted by: megan tatters(:

Horse: He will stumble and you will fall and break your arm but he will never break your heart.

Submitted by: sushi

Dogs have owners; Horses have a staff.
How to ride a horse:
Step 1- Mount the horse.
Step 2- Stay mounted.
He knows when you are happy. He knows when you are upset. He also knows when you have a carrot.
A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.

Submitted by: Fraction

Horses are wingless angels!

Submitted by: Joni

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