Horse Quotes and Sayings - Page 6


Seven days without a horse makes one weak.

Submitted by: Theo

Our horses give us the wings we never had.

Submitted by: Ally

I was a normal girl…then I bought my first horse!

Submitted by: Lau

A horse is more than a best friend, it’s family.

Submitted by: Carey

No one knows you better than your horse. <3

Submitted by: Meghan

Nothing is better than being on the back of a horse.

Submitted by: Melissa

My life without horses would be like the sky without clouds; empty.
To be in harmony with your horse means to become one, heart beat to hoofbeat.

Submitted by: Ali

There Is No Bond Stronger Then That Between A Women & Her Horse. No Matter What Is Going On In Life, Your Horse Is Always There For You. No Words Need To Be Spoken, But All Is Understood.

Submitted by: Renee

There is no such thing as a safe horse. But if there was then it would take the fun out of riding.
– Unknown

Submitted by: Jim Bob

Horses may come, horses may go, but forever they will leave hoof prints inside my soul.

Submitted by: Kayla

If there is no horse in my life, then I have nothing to live for.

Submitted by: carl

To ride is to borrow wings from a true angel.

Submitted by: GraceC

A girl’s horse is better then any boyfriend. She knows she can tell her horse anything and knows she’ll listen, knows it won’t be shouted from the roof tops, or turned and twisted. She knows each day she comes home someones happy to see her. She knows she won’t be judged, and most of important, she knows the true meaning of love.<3

Submitted by: laineyannn

You don’t think a horse can count? Put three carrots in your pocket and give your horse only two.

Submitted by: Emma

A horse is not your partner until you learn to listen to him.

Submitted by: Olga

Close your eyes and ride,and you will beleve your flying

Submitted by: holli

If you have never felt real pain, try squatting with your spurs on, you’ll have a sudden wake up call.

Submitted by: Taytay

To ride, or not to ride? What a stupid question.
– Emma

Submitted by: Emma

You can say whatever you want about me but don’t talk bad about my horse.

Submitted by: Kasi

I asked God for a true friend and he sent me a horse.

Submitted by: megan tatters(:

Anyone can ride, it takes talent to stay on.

Submitted by: Stella

And on the 8th day, God went riding.

Submitted by: Sarah

When you fall , get right back on
If there’s one thing you can count on in life it’s your horse.

Submitted by: Justine

If you’ve never ridden a horse then you’ve never felt freedom.

Submitted by: ken

Dogs have owners; Horses have a staff.
How to ride a horse:
Step 1- Mount the horse.
Step 2- Stay mounted.
He knows when you are happy. He knows when you are upset. He also knows when you have a carrot.
A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.

Submitted by: Fraction

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