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When you feel like you can’t trust anyone or anything, you can always count on your horse!

Submitted by: Brenda

A horse is only as good as his rider.

Submitted by: taylor

You have not lived until you have lived with horses.

Submitted by: Don

To ride a horse is to have an unbreakable bond with a majestic, beautiful animal and friend.

Submitted by: HorseLover

Her horse knows her better than anyone else, likewise his girl knows him better than anyone else.

Submitted by: sam

I don’t think anyone knows me as well as my horse does.

Submitted by: tiaa maay

You Can Have My Boyfriend, But Stay Away From My Horse!

Submitted by: TrickChick007

People say there is no heaven on earth, they’ve clearly never been on a horse.
Horse Quote: People say there is no heaven on...

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Submitted by: jordyn

I go to horseback riding everyday since I was 6. Broken legs, collar bones & wrists. Been to uncountable numbers of shows. Had 15 jump courses, hunter jumpers & mounted wanderers. Next time you wanna say horse back riding is easy, go do what I do everyday & come back to me.

Submitted by: FlashLoverr

Horses are the best things you can have in your life! (:
When your world falls apart. Just look beside you, and your horse will be there! <3

Submitted by: Peace Yo

You can always count on your horse being your one true love who will not hurt you!

Submitted by: emily

Men have said that they have seen spirits, but only horse riders have seen a true angel.

Submitted by: Shamuslover

You can say whatever you want about me but don’t talk bad about my horse.

Submitted by: Kasi

When everyone leaves and forgets about you there is someone who will NEVER forget about you! YOUR HORSE.
They’re forgiving animals but hurt them once and they will never trust you again.

Submitted by: Kasi

We may not be the best riders ever but it doesn’t stop us doing what we love!

Submitted by: megan+courtney

Definition of love – horses

Submitted by: cam

You know someone loves horses when they have horses everything: 18′ model horses, horse calendars, horse pillows, horse wallpaper, horse posters, talks about horses NONSTOP, horse cups, horse stickers, horse socks, horse shirts, horse pencils, etc.

Submitted by: E-M-M-A

My horse makes me forget ALL my troubles!

Submitted by: E-M-M-A

When ever you are in need of a open heart, someone to talk to, or someone to love, a horse will always be there for you.

Submitted by: Nicole

What is a horse? It’s a creature with wings on his feet and fire in his heart, and a will to win even in the face of absolute defeat.
A horse will do anything for you, anything to please. All they ask for is a carrot, a good scratch, and a “job well done.”
It matters not how many times you fall off, but how many times you have the courage to get back on.
To hug a horse is to hug an angel.

Submitted by: Maggie

I have often been asked why do I like horses so much. Look into one’s eyes. There you will see generations of horses who have served the humans for thousands of years faithfully for nothing in return. Beaten horses, starved hoses, horses who no longer possess a spirit. They deserve to be loved and respected as much as humanly possible. Let them run free again. Let them no longer be a faithful beasts, but embrace them as you would a dear friend, for that is what they are.

Submitted by: Maggie

You call her a horse, I call her my best friend!
You say she’s just a horse, I say she’s my whole world.
I takes a good rider to jump a course and win a blue ribbon. I takes a great rider to fall off and get up with their pride.

Submitted by: Amelia

If there is no horse in my life, then I have nothing to live for.

Submitted by: carl

I can live without horses, I would never smile, then.
My best friend hurt my feelings, my horse never did.
My best friend punched me, my horse never did.
My best friend and I get into fights, me and my horse never do.
My best friend sometimes calls me hurtful names, my horse never does.
My best friend makes a big deal out of nothing, my horse never does.
I really think I should make my horse, my best friend.
Insult my clothes, I say, “Okay, thanks for the compliment.”
Insult the way I look, I say, “Thanks for notifying me.”
Mock me and say riding isn’t a sport, and I’ll say,”You say that ’cause you can’t ride.”
But before you make fun of my horse, make sure you have “911″ on your speed dial.
Anyone can sit on a horse and call it riding, but not just anyone can get back in the saddle after being thrown off and was so close to killing themselves.
Ya know what’s funny? You say you can ride a horse easily, when you can’t even sit on a rocking horse without slipping off after 6 seconds.
Life may not always be fair, but at least I know my horse will be.
The closest thing to Heaven you can get without dying, is on the back of a horse.

Submitted by: Katrina

Horseback riding isn’t commanding, it’s listening.
When someone asks me “Where can I find cloud nine?” I look at them. “Only on the back of a horse.”
You won’t find me at the mall, and you won’t find me at parties. But you will find me at the stables.
When I was little, my parents thought my love of horses was just a phase. If it is, that sure is a long phase, for it’ll last a life time and forever more.
Horseback riding isn’t just a sport, it’s my WHOLE life!
Horses eat money like they eat hay, but they always end up stealing your heart like a thief steals money lying around on the ground.
When life gives you a horse, get on, and RIDE!

Submitted by: Katrina

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