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In the ashes of destruction, there is always a seed of opportunity.
– Deepak Chopra

Submitted by: Brian

People can say what they wanna say, but at the end of the day you can be whatever you wanna be.
– Demitrean

Submitted by: Demitrean

Pressure does two things!
1. Bust pipes
2. Makes Diamonds
What will being under pressure do to you?

Submitted by: B-Rich

He who follows the crowd, will never be followed by the crowd.

Submitted by: derick

Live like there is no tomorrow, Laugh like you have never laughed before, Love someone with all your heart like you will never let go.

Submitted by: Kari

The greatest strength in life is holding it together when the whole world is expecting you to fall apart.

Submitted by: Storie Mae

Any one that want to become a winner must not depend on his ability, effort and strength. But only on his courage, focus and steadfastness.

Submitted by: Ukpono U. Udonta

Smile. Let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday.

Submitted by: Miriam

You can not expect a new result if you keep doing the same thing.

Submitted by: erin

It isn’t about your IQ it is about the I can.

Submitted by: Erin

To break the circle of problems, draw a chord of solutions by a pencil of determination.

Submitted by: Sammy Francis

Make it a great day or not.. The choice is yours.

Submitted by: Angelica

Life is like art, you make it what you want.

Submitted by: nuggets

Once a boy found himself in a cage, He sat and thought of million ways he could get out. He looked around and found that all of his ideas would be useless. Another boy sat in the far corner, just sitting. “How do you think we can get out?” The boy sitting down replied “what do you mean?” “This cage how can we get out?” Suddenly the boy looked over and the sitting boy was walking away in the distance… “What cage?” he said laughing.
The boy sat and wondered how the sitting boy could have escaped. He thought for minutes, hours, days. By this time the boy had grown weak of hunger, and yet he could still not think of how to escape. Suddenly the boy got up and simply tried to walk through.
The bars disappeared behind him as he faded through the cage, he felt stupid, but he had learned his lesson. – don’t let your mind hold you back from what you think you can and can’t do. Don’t wait too long or it could be to late, always try no matter what the circumstances, it could be easier than you think

Submitted by: brian

Here’s a saying I read while incarcerated, from a thousand page book on Roman history. “He is able, who thinks he is able”. I find that very true! Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Submitted by: natalie

Instead of fighting the wind, enjoy the breeze.

Submitted by: Morgan Graeser

The moment you feel like giving up just think of why you held on so long.

Submitted by: sparkie

When the road was bumpy, hope was my suspension.
– Fresco

Submitted by: ¤Fresco¤

Pain is an inevitable part of life, suffering is optional. When something bad happens to you it can make you a bitter person or a better person. The choice is yours.

Submitted by: Janey Z

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.

Submitted by: Shashikant

When we want to do something we make it happen. When we don’t we make excuses.

Submitted by: tooey

Do the things you have to today, so you can do the things you want to tomorrow.

Submitted by: Kellie

Things have to get worse, before they can get better.

Submitted by: drruubaalldduuss(;

You can only be the first if you are determined to be second to none.

Submitted by: Seybanks dayvid

When people push you to the wall, all you to need to do is to pass through it.

Submitted by: Afajagbe Elyon Innocent

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