Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

Person: Go to hell.
Me:I’m packing my bags, just promise me you won’t end up there.

Submitted by: Shafqat

Can you please fake my absence in my presence please!

Submitted by: haopu

Even your mom loves you only as a friend !!!

Submitted by: Aadityaa

You: Am I ugly?
Me: I wouldn’t say you are ugly but rather facially challenged.

You: Am I fat?
Me: No, you are just horizontal tall.

You: Am I short?
Me: No, you are just vertically inappropriate.

Submitted by: Mr G

Try rolling your eyes, maybe you could find a brain back there.

Submitted by: cesar figueroa

You were born on the freeway, where accidents happen.

Submitted by: yasmin

You’re not ugly, you’re just not someone to look at.

Submitted by: yasmin

You’re so ugly that you wouldn’t even look at yourself either.

Submitted by: DogeIsBae!

You’re so ugly, a sniper wouldn’t take you out.

Submitted by: Rob keogh

If I wanted to kill myself I’ll have to climb your ego and then jump to your IQ.

Submitted by: Yusuf Ansari

Hi-my name is beauty. Who are you? The beast?

Submitted by: Lauren

If you look up the definition of moron in the dictionary there will be a picture of you.

Submitted by: Drew Nielsen

What’d you do to piss off the person with the ugly stick?

Submitted by: MEPAWS

You: You’re so dumb your first words were duh.
Me: Have you been to the doctor lately?
You: Yeah
Me: So have they found your heart or brain or spine yet. Or did you ever have one?

Submitted by: forgetyou

You actually sounded smarter when you didn’t say anything.

Submitted by: anne onymous

I would tell you to go to hell but I don’t want to see you again.

Submitted by: jeff

If you were on fire with a bucket of water near you, I’d drink the water.

Submitted by: anonymous

Oh look?? I found your nose all up in. My damn business again!!!!

Submitted by: Jaz

I’d slap you, but that’d be animal abuse.

Submitted by: Nonya Business

I asked God to punish me, next day I met you.

Submitted by: tsury

If you were twice as wise you are now, you’d probably still be stupid!

Submitted by: Saint_lil'_ray

In state of a bag, I’ll be a Gucci bag and you’ll be an eye bag.

Submitted by: HotnCold

Whenever I see your face, I feel like I am having a bad dream.

Submitted by: Amit

What would intelligence be without stupidity, see you are important.

Submitted by: solo wing

Some people have no shame in denying the truth and defending a lie!

Submitted by: Shame

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