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You’re so fat, when you went swimming in the ocean China claimed you as an island.
You’re so fat, you chased a school bus yelling “come back with that twinky”.
You’re so fat when you weigh yourself it says to be continued.
You’re so ugly you don’t have to dress up on Halloween.

Submitted by: stacey

Insulting you would be making mere understatements.

Submitted by: mao

If brains were money, you’d be broke.

Submitted by: Mischievous

Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby or are you just naturally stupid?

Submitted by: GabbyandCaylz

Make someone happy, mind your own business.

Submitted by: rohan

Being that ugly is not as easy.

Submitted by: juncabz

When the cop stopped you and said roll down the window he thew a make- over ticket and said have a better looking day.

Submitted by: jazz 2 crazy

Your teeth are so dirty they even have their own theme song “Black and Yellow”.

Submitted by: g

Look at me, then look at you! now tell me honey….. Who is jealous of who?

Submitted by: Carolyn

Is that your face or is it Halloween today?

Submitted by: HHS

Your face is so ugly even Bob the Builder said “We can’t fix it!”.

Submitted by: funnyboy

Don’t feel sad, don’t feel blue…
Frankenstein was Ugly too.;)

Submitted by: saba

Every time I see reminds me of a song
“Just the way you are” and “2012″ cause “when I see your face…, it’s like the end of the world”.

Submitted by: Dolz18

You’re so ugly you’d make a freight train take a dirt road!!!

Submitted by: Karma

Wow you should have your own TV show… “The ugly and the clueless”.

Submitted by: eva neat dolly

Oh I’m sorry I was too busy not caring.
Sorry I have to go I heard stupidity was contagious.

Submitted by: claire

Hair is normally made up of dead skin cells. Yours are comprised entirely of dead brain cells.

Submitted by: Leon

You are so old you dream in black and white.
You are so old your birth certificate was found among the dead sea scrolls.
Your teeth are so yellow when you smile on a highway all the cars stop.
I will advise you not to eat chocolate cos scientific research has shown that it is harmful to monkeys.

Submitted by: daniel brobbey

Sorry! I can’t think of an insult stupid enough for you! I’ll get back to you on that.

Submitted by: alenaawesomeness

Intelligence must be your worst nightmare.

Submitted by: Stephanie Branch-Milan

Nostradamus predicted you’d be a loser.

Submitted by: Dada

Terribly sorry, I don’t speak stupidnese.

Submitted by: fretttttz

I would love to slap you but that would be animal abuse.

Submitted by: Mark

Hey aren’t you suppose to be in the zoo right now?

Submitted by: harry

Drama is a Disease, Get well soon.

Submitted by: Daya a.

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