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You’re so fat you need a paint roller to put on lipstick.
You’re so fat you need a sock for each toe.
You entered an ugly contest but the judges stopped you and said “Sorry, no experts allowed”
When that ‘master’ beautician hit you with an ugly- stick he hit you real good.

Submitted by: Nikki

You don’t have enough qualities to be insulted by me.

Submitted by: Azkikr

Intelligence is key and you are locked out.

Submitted by: hi

Wow! I’m impressed how long you are able to live without a brain.

Submitted by: person2

I see you playing stupid.! Looks like you’re winning.

Submitted by: Mwambazi lawrence

I understand why your girl friend is reluctant to kiss you.

Submitted by: Sunali

I may be fat…. But I can lose weight but you’re stuck with that face for the rest of your life!

Submitted by: Lynette

One look at you reminds me of how lucky I’m.

Submitted by: whatever

Boy: What are you looking at?
Girl: Haven’t figured it out yet!
Boy: My face hurts. =(
Girl: Yeah it’s killing me too!!

Submitted by: k_h

You’re so fake; you make barbie look real (:

Submitted by: Kimberly

Do you like black eyes? I’m really good at making them.
You must be a mask model.
Halloween already?
You know that hole in the middle of your face? Can you shove a sock in that?
Godzilla called. He wants his hair back.
Look, it’s not that I don’t like you.. It’s just.. Your voice is literally the most annoying thing on Earth.

Submitted by: Allie

If I hurt your feelings in any way I just want to know from the bottom of my heart that I don’t care.

Submitted by: zach

You wouldn’t care what people thought about you, if you knew how little they did.

Submitted by: HYDE

It’s not you, it’s your face.

Submitted by: Mahmoud

I’d insult you right now… But I was raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged… You’re lucky!

Submitted by: LMFAO :-p

If beauty is a crime…. Then arrest me… And You !! You’re FREE !!

Submitted by: xanne

I heard you were supposed to get brain surgery… But you got rejected ’cause your brain was too small to operate on you.

Submitted by: Person

Where did you get your hair done?
… The pet store??

Submitted by: Chloe

Awww!!! That is so cute… Do you really think I care?

Submitted by: JC

Are you in stupid mode or does this come naturally?

Submitted by: frosty

You should really have an “out of order” sign on your forehead so everyone knows how stupid you are.

Submitted by: frosty

Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.

Submitted by: LISA!

I may be fat, but you are ugly…and I CAN lose weight!

Submitted by: Beverly McCarter

I’m sorry, my fault. I forgot you were an idiot.

Submitted by: Jessica.C

There’s no such thing as a stupid idea, It’s just you!

Submitted by: Marielle

Lets play fetch a little differently! I’ll throw the stick and you don’t come back ;)

Submitted by: haysweetdiddums

My office- mate has a bad breath…and I asked him…”What is the brand of the tooth paste you’re using?”

Submitted by: clemenz

Ohh…you should be on discovery…!!

Submitted by: margish

I don’t want to be alone… But with you I’d rather be…

Submitted by: Jeru Mae Dingal

You’re so ugly that when you cry, the tears roll down the back of your head…just to avoid your face.

Submitted by: Wendy

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