Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

When you die, please donate your brain to someone cos it was never used in your whole life.

Submitted by: Awesome insulting Boy

So you don’t like my clothes… That’s OK. At least I can change clothes, you’re stuck with that face for the rest of your miserable life.

Submitted by: nnovell

Nice cologne. Must you marinate in it?

Submitted by: Ted

I’m not shy I just don’t like you.:)

Submitted by: Mekaiya

You are so ugly, when you look in the mirror your reflection throws up!

Submitted by: glenn

After being around you, I have learned something new. I never knew that brain had an off switch!

Submitted by: xsing0xx0

Drama is a Disease, Get well soon.

Submitted by: Daya a.

If you want sympathy from me look it up in the dictionary, it’s between sh*t and syphilis.

Submitted by: Kevin

You looked like something worth investing in, but so did Enron at the time.

Submitted by: Jeremiah the great

Please remind me again, what time do your senses return?

Submitted by: phoona

Some babies are dropped on their head but you were clearly thrown at the wall.

Submitted by: Alex

Your face looks like hell. Or Mexico I can’t tell.]

Submitted by: marcus

Person 1: Hey, I really liked the mask you wore at the Halloween party, really scary.
Person 2: Wait, what mask?
Person 1: Oh. Nothing.

Submitted by: EpicDude

If I’m ugly, then we must be twins.
Forget the ugly STICK; you must’ve been born in the forest!!!!
Were you born on the highway? Because that is where the most accidents happen.
Guy: FAIL!!!
Me: Please, I don’t have TIME to listen to your whole life story.
Guy: Will you ever grow a brain?
Me: When you stop being ugly.

Submitted by: Kal

It’s normal for an abnormal person to do abnormalities… Why am I expecting perfect from you?

Submitted by: Winners Choice

I don’t know what your problem is but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.
The voices in my head tell me you have serious issues.
Just because no- one understands you, that doesn’t make you an artist.

Submitted by: nunyabuisness

You can’t heal stupid.

Submitted by: jim

If I left you would you cry for me?
Of course, I can’t control the tears of joy.

Submitted by: Sosthy

I asked God to punish me, next day I met you.

Submitted by: tsury

Yo momma is so thin that her wedding ring sizes two of her fingers.

Submitted by: raymond shawn

Flirting isn’t cheating’s ugly cousin. You are.

Submitted by: joshua michael levinson

When I say I can’t, I clearly mean it. When I say I don’t it’s true so don’t keep repeating on your nonsense question.

Submitted by: julie rae ong

Yo mama so fat when she walks in front of the TV, I missed 7 episodes!

Yo mama so fat when she walked outside she sunk to the core of the earth.

Submitted by: Rachele

The whole day I was thinking of you (I was at the hospital for abnormal kids)!

Submitted by: Insultlover

You are an evolutionary defect.

Submitted by: Garrett

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