Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

Hating me won’t make you pretty.

Submitted by: blackheart

Want to tell that your attitude doesn’t fit on your toilet face.

Submitted by: jinx jin

Every time I see reminds me of a song
“Just the way you are” and “2012″ cause “when I see your face…, it’s like the end of the world”.

Submitted by: Dolz18

You were pretty until your “30 Day” Photoshop trial expired.

Submitted by: sanjay

Are you that stupid or am I getting smarter?

Submitted by: noha nabil

You’re so fat… When you take a shower, your feet don’t get wet.

Submitted by: Mama Eason

Insult is a sin which is done by some people who do not know the meaning of feelings.

Submitted by: padmanabha

You’re so fat even dora can’t explore you.

Submitted by: F00bar

I understand why your girl friend is reluctant to kiss you.

Submitted by: Sunali

I didn’t insult you I described you.

Submitted by: elizabeth

Why don’t you go and drink a big glass of shut the f*** up?

Submitted by: kara

People like you make me scared to have children.

Submitted by: Katelyn

Don’t worry your ugliness is not contagious.

Submitted by: noah

Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what the hell happened to you?

Submitted by: GermanFOREVER

You might change your face with a surgery, but what about your brain?

Submitted by: Blake

I like your approach, now lets see your departure.

Submitted by: Stevo

He has a personality that lights up a room … When he walks out!

Submitted by: Ice Queen

You look so good, when the light’s out.

Submitted by: lanz

Stupidity is not a crime so you are free to go.

Submitted by: niral

Man 1: What are you lookin’ at?
Man 2: I dunno but it’s looking back at me.

Submitted by: Gillbert

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