Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

You can be nice to someone & they will still forget you, but insult them and they will never forget it.

Submitted by: eddie

Oh were you talking to me? Sorry, I was to busy ignoring you.

Submitted by: cherry13

You aren’t ugly… You just look better with a bag over your head.

Submitted by: Addiena

It’s not Halloween, honey, so change the costume.

Submitted by: hady

You’re so ugly it took a team of scientists to figure out if you’re a boy, girl or a fat monkey.

Submitted by: Fool*

Just don’t say anything stupid. Sorry, that should be… Just don’t say anything, stupid.

Submitted by: sweet tnt

60,000 sperms, and you won?

Submitted by: Andrew Lyngwa

Can you please fake my absence in my presence please!

Submitted by: haopu

You want me to go to hell?
I don’t think I am ready for a visit to your home yet.

Submitted by: gunja

Don’t give up, girl! Keep chasing him! But I guess he runs away because you have a beautiful face in ugly people’s point of view.

Submitted by: Erza

If they say you’re ugly, take it as a compliment. If they say you’re beautiful, take it as an insult.

Submitted by: raymond adesokan

Don’t flatter yourself I was looking at your friend.

Submitted by: jesse

Yo mama is so short you can see her feet on her driving license.

Submitted by: Thomas Daly

You say you’re old-school, I say you’re just plain old.

Submitted by: Emmy

F*** you, and anybody that looks like you!.

Submitted by: flops2spurs

Nostradamus predicted you’d be a loser.

Submitted by: Dada

My office- mate has a bad breath…and I asked him…”What is the brand of the tooth paste you’re using?”

Submitted by: clemenz

Dead people are to life like you are to funny!

Submitted by: cory

Terribly sorry, I don’t speak stupidnese.

Submitted by: fretttttz

Before scientists start finding other intelligent life forms on other planets, they should start with your form first.

Submitted by: A person with an actual life

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