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Saw this on vest of a motorcycle rider on a calif. freeway
Could you drive any better
If that phone
Was up your a**!!!

Submitted by: mike portugal

The whole day I was thinking of you (I was at the hospital for abnormal kids)!

Submitted by: Insultlover

You are an evolutionary defect.

Submitted by: Garrett

You know why the earth rotates? It’s to get away from your face.

Submitted by: Sherbetr19

I’m sorry. Were you talking to me?

Submitted by: JellyBro78

My door is always open for you so feel free to leave.

Submitted by: blake leddick

Your common sense is so rare it should be in a museum.

Submitted by: Iamunknown

I became so religious so that I could pray for you to burn in hell.

Submitted by: Vuyie

Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?

I don’t insult people. I just describe them.

Person 1: Hey, I really liked the mask you wore at the Halloween party, really scary.
Person 2: Wait, what mask?
Person 1: Oh. Nothing.

Submitted by: EpicDude

You look at me, you judge me then you imitate me. I look at you and I laugh.

No need to insult you anymore, your presence in this world has done it all.

Submitted by: Atish

If you have something to say, please raise your hand and put it over your mouth! Cos I’m not listening.

Submitted by: Aniqa

Hey don’t talk aloud, you lower the IQ of the whole street.

Submitted by: Niraul

Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent, like on the 30th of February.

Submitted by: The Awesome 1

Can you go and live in some place far away from here? Try Pluto. I hear it is nice there.

Submitted by: whitelily

B*tch at least I still remember planetary motion. The world revolves around the sun.

Submitted by: derek dsemre

Ever looked in a mirror? Oh, wait. You broke them all.

God loves stupid people and he especially loves you.

Submitted by: Yumi The Phyco O_+

A baby monkey asks his father thus; father, why are we so ugly?
The father says: don’t stress my son, you should see the one reading this text.

Submitted by: hadikson

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