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There’s no such thing as a stupid idea, It’s just you!

Submitted by: Marielle

I’d insult you right now… But I was raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged… You’re lucky!

Submitted by: LMFAO :-p

Are you in stupid mode or does this come naturally?

Submitted by: frosty

Girl 1 – Talk to the elbow you aren’t worth the attention.
Girl 2 – Okay it’s better looking than your face!

Submitted by: Frizzy1000

Person: Go to hell!
Me: I must already be in Hell since you’re still standing here.

Submitted by: Nick

Calling you ugly would be an insult to the ugly people.

Submitted by: saad andalib

You’re as useless as the “Ay” in “Okay”.

Submitted by: MsClueLess

Your family tree must be a cactus. Everyone in it is a prick.

Submitted by: Mo

I would love to slap you but that would be animal abuse.

Submitted by: Mark

Please tell me about yourself, I enjoy horror stories.

Submitted by: Eaglex
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