Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings - Page 9

I am not an antisocial… I just hate you.

Submitted by: sweet_hate

Girl, you’re so fake, barbie wants you for Christmas.

Submitted by: lalalaLand

That’s fantastic, you’re so plastic.:)

Submitted by: Illyse

Was someone attacked by the acne monster last night? X)
You’re so ugly that when you looked in the mirror your reflection screamed in fright.

Submitted by: sydney

Fake Nails. Fake Hair. Fake Smile. Are you sure, you weren’t made in China?=)

Submitted by: wendel matunog

You were pretty until your “30 Day” Photoshop trial expired.

Submitted by: sanjay

Are you comfortable with this face?

Submitted by: TP Toffy

You got a wound on your face…owh sorry it’s your nose.

Submitted by: young almusawa

You are so ugly you make gorilla jealous.

Submitted by: young almusawa

60,000 sperms, and you won?

Submitted by: Andrew Lyngwa

I dislike you with all my heart.

Submitted by: dingo clap.

It’s not that I do like you I don’t! But that Halloween mask you wear is just gross! Oh wait!

Submitted by: dingo clap.

I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.

Submitted by: s_karma.

It’s normal for an abnormal person to do abnormalities… Why am I expecting perfect from you?

Submitted by: Winners Choice

Your mouth is bigger than your brain.

Submitted by: red

Like me or hate me, either way I still hate you.

Submitted by: Jadira

Life is full of disappointments, One of them is YOU!

Submitted by: Person

Oh my gosh, what is that thing on the front of your head. Oh wait, it’s your face. Sorry my bad.

Submitted by: gymgirl123

I would rather jump off a plane than hear you say one more stupid thing.
When someone tells you something does it just go in one ear and out the other? That would explain all the “Huh?’s” I hear in class.
You look like your mom dropped you a lot when you were little… On your face.

Submitted by: Madison

You aren’t ugly… You just look better with a bag over your head.

Submitted by: Addiena

Pupil: Teacher I don’t think I deserve a zero in this test.
Teacher: Me too…but that’s the lowest score I could give you.
Pupil: Oh ok.

Submitted by: *UNKNOWN*

What a shame…looks like the ugly fairy kissed you on both cheeks.

Submitted by: allie

Don’t worry your ugliness is not contagious.

Submitted by: noah

Dear so and so,
Remind me why we are friends again I don’t even like you.

Submitted by: mira

Person 1: Your license please.
Person 2: What for?
Person 1: Your face.

Submitted by: Richard

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