Lawyer Quotes and Sayings

A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it himself.
– Henry Peter Brougham

Sometimes even lawyers need lawyers.

Where there is a will, there is a lawsuit.

A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.
– Mario Puzo, The Godfather

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.
Charles Dickens

A good lawyer is a bad neighbor.
– French Proverb

A countryman between two lawyers is just like a fish between two cats.
Benjamin Franklin

This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice. It’s not how innocent you are but how you put your case. (jurisprudence)

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He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides.
– Charles Lamb

If there wasn’t a penalty for laughing in court, the jury would never be able to hear the evidence.

If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

A good lawyer is a bad Christian.
– John Lothrop Motley

Judge – A law student who marks his own examination papers.
– Henry Louis Mencken

A good lawyer is a great liar.

America is the paradise of lawyers.
– Justice David J. Brewer

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