Leadership Quotes and Sayings

There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you’re wrong and you can’t face it; the other is when you’re right and nobody else can face it.
Criss Jami

Your greatest area of leadership often comes out of your greatest area of pain and weakness.
– Wayde Goodall

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers who can cut through the argument debate and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.
Colin Powell

When you push through your hesitation, you can achieve amazing results.

Submitted by: jhagz

What makes a great leader? Knowing & understanding that you don’t need to know everything; you just know how to keep great people around you that do!

Submitted by: Dr. T R "doc" Smith, PhD

They say “To be a leader not a follower”. Yet you must first follow before you can learn how to lead.

Submitted by: Leo

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
– Peter F. Drucker

If people are always in a haste to correct you for every mistake you make then it signifies you are a leader.


Characteristics of a leader:
1. He is obedient to elders
2. He is resistant to lies
3. He is very humble
4. He is mentally alert
5. He is honest
6. He uses nice words to people
7. He uses courtesy.

Submitted by: Oyetunde Oreoluwa

When you see someone do what no one else is doing take notice. Something truly special is about to happen. Not only will they be lifted up, they will lift up those around them as well. That is called leadership.
Tom Krause


If you’re the president, and an attempt has hasn’t been made on your life, then you’re not a very good one.

Submitted by: Nathan Cheecham

Leadership is action, not position.
– Donald H. McGannon

Strong leaders cannot tolerate weak leaders above them.
Tom Krause

The great leaders have always stage-managed their effects.
– Charles De Gaulle

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.
— Ralph Lauren

Be willing to make decisions. That’s the most important quality in a good leader.
– General George S Patton

The difference between a boss and a leader:
A boss says, “Go!”
A leader says, “Let’s go!”.

Submitted by: Arun Kumar

If you are a leader, you should never forget that everyone needs encouragement. And everyone who receives it – young or old, successful or less-than-successful, unknown or famous – is changed by it.
– John C. Maxwell

Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.
– Edward Hennessy

Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them.
– Stephen Covey


Leadership comes with consistency.
– Junior Seau

Leadership can’t be fabricated. If it is fabricated and rehearsed, you can’t fool the guys in the locker room. So when you talk about leadership, it comes with performance. Leadership comes with consistency.
– Junior Seau

Communication is the real work of leadership

If you command wisely, you’ll be obeyed cheerfully.
Thomas Fuller

A leader… is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.
Nelson Mandela

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