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There is love in holding and there is love in letting go.
– Elizabeth Berg


People think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it’s letting go.


I wished I hadn’t met you, so I would have cried for you. But I’ll smile because I had known you, because it was the best part of my memories.

Submitted by: ~Pikachu~

Sometimes you just need to put the past away and move on with your life.

Letting Go Quote: Sometimes you just need to put the...

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Just remember you were without them. Who says you still can’t be?

Submitted by: jess

When you tell you the story and it doesn’t bring any pain, you know it is healed.


Always be strong enough to let go and be smart enough to wait for what you deserve.

Submitted by: Abhishek Tiwari

Move on, don’t let the little things of life hold you back. Forget, forgive, and move on.

Submitted by: RVM

Life is too short to waste on one person. Move on.

Submitted by: vishal ranadive

You can’t start living the next chapter of your life, if you keep re- reading the last one. <3

Submitted by: brittney

I am feeling like, I don’t have ‘eye balls’ in my eyes and ‘heart’ in my heart. Feeling very empty!
Good news, there is a vacancy guys!! Apply now!

Submitted by: Farha Iman

Forgiveness and letting go are steps on our road back to happiness.

Submitted by: richard

One day I’ll get over you, my tears will stop falling, putting on a smile will be easier and more real. I’ll stop doubting myself and I’ll stop trying to make up excuses for me and your mistakes. I’ll be able to laugh again. I’ll be able to walk by you with my head held high with no shame. I won’t have to avoid seeing you or hate the person you are currently with. I’ll be able to feel beautiful again and I won’t hate you anymore. I won’t hate myself anymore and I won’t regret being with you, because being with you taught me things that I never would have learned without you. I will realize how strong I am and I will move on. You won’t be forgotten because apparently you were my first love, but I won’t want you anymore and your name will be easier to say. One day I will let you go and I’ll move on.

Submitted by: Alexis

Forgive, forget and move on.

Submitted by: amberly

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enough to let go.

Letting Go Quote: Giving up doesn’t always mean you are...

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if you are brave enough to say goodbye life will reward you with a new hello.
– Paula Coehlo

Letting Go Quote: if you are brave enough to say...

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Sometimes, it’s ok to let go of some people, to help them understand your value and importance in the future!


You can’t start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one.

Letting Go Quote: You can’t start the next chapter if...

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Don’t let him have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll always be there waiting.


I don’t know why I’m still waiting.

Letting Go Quote: I don’t know why I’m still waiting.

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And sometimes you just have to forget about that person you once liked and move on.

Letting Go Quote: And sometimes you just have to forget...

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You may think that you love him but when he breaks your heart you don’t want to think about him ever again. When you think about him that’s when it hurts the most. When he tells you that he will never cheat on you or that he is not like all of the other guys don’t believe him cos he’s lying. Or when he tells you that you are beautiful and that he loves you. Of course we will always have a special place in our hearts for your first love but for now live your life the way you want to and close that chapter and turn the next page. !!!!!!!!! ;(

Submitted by: Ashley

Just give me time and I’ll get over you.

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