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Life is like a game, it’s not winning or loosing the game, it’s how you play the game.

Submitted by: Herson

Life is like a long tunnel you look in to it but you can’t see the other side.

Submitted by: Sarjit Singh

Add life to your days and you can add days to life.

Submitted by: Leo

Simplicity makes life easy.

Submitted by: gelai delima

Life always surprises those who think it’s simple.

Submitted by: Nuru hussain

Life will be at its best when you are living it to the fullest.

Submitted by: Buzzy Dan

When you’ve got love on your side you’ve got the most valuable gift that there is.

Submitted by: kath tarbuck

Life’s hard when you have a good heart.
– you help too much.
– you trust too much.
– you give too much.
& most importantly,
– you love too much.

Submitted by: ancholi

Life is too short to think about what you did wrong in the past. You have to move on and start all over.:)

Submitted by: daniela

Laugh through confusion, smile through tears, live every day like the last.

Submitted by: cristina

You only live once so live your dreams. Live/Dream/Achieve

Submitted by: Emma

Humans are like firecrackers, you get the ones that are duds by nature, they don’t go anywhere and fizz out on the ground, and then you get the ones that go up high into the sky and are very pretty to everyone watching when they explode, humans are the same, whether you’re a dud or the firework that goes far in life, in the end all you are is a show for the ones left behind.

Submitted by: Faiz

I used to love life. Then I met my rival.. The reality.

Submitted by: Fake

The problem with life is that there is no danger music.

Submitted by: Rockstar Tia

Life will never be defined.

Submitted by: jenny

We can’t ask for everything in life but we have to accept for what comes in life.

Submitted by: Carshay Skidmore

Those that take chances die, those that don’t take chances have never lived.

Submitted by: elaine

Life can play tricks sometimes, you may think you got everything while you got nothing at all.

Submitted by: collins mkh

Look in the mirror and like what you see because if you don’t how can anyone else.
Your book wasn’t written when you were born you determine the next chapter.
Like yourself, be yourself always, so others can like the real you.

Submitted by: Robin k Dawson

Treat everyone with respect because, the next day they could be gone.

Submitted by: kiara taylor

To tell them how to live is to prevent the living.

Submitted by: Jack

Life is simple you just have to make the right choices.

Submitted by: Benjamin

Life’s lesson fully learned is when you know that you know nothing.

Submitted by: murali

Life is a game everyone play, but we all go by different rules.

Submitted by: tommy le

Life is too short, be brave make good choices and never regret them.

Submitted by: Luke

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