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Life is full of choices but making choices would be easier if we stay true to ourselves.

Submitted by: Abyshek

Do What You Gotta Do To Get To Where You Wanna Go!

Submitted by: Mee

We do not remember days, we remember moments. Live life today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come.

Submitted by: Peter

You should always be yourself not the person your friends, peers, & even family wants you to be. It’s your life! live it..& love it &; don’t take things for granted cos in the end being yourself leads to success & being fake leads to failure.

Submitted by: Amanda

Life is a horror movie, no one gets out alive.

Submitted by: LDH_13

It’s our souls that makes us who we are as a person, not the bodies were in… These bodies are only out on rental, live life as if there’s no tomorrow, before your rental has to be returned… Be grateful & thankful for each day & enjoy every moment !!!!

Submitted by: april thompson

Time stands still for no man, wake up and live your life before it ends.

Submitted by: S. Watson

Remember while living life that life doesn’t have a re- set button.

Submitted by: Alec

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”
– Erma Bombeck

Submitted by: Dan

When life gives us all these rough times to go through. We may think there is no end, but when sweet times comes around we don’t want them to end. So without the hard times in life the sweet ones seem meaning less.

Submitted by: sweetheart

Life is a beautiful gift of Almighty God, it’s up to you how you make use of it.

Submitted by: Annie

You can win in life by simply avoiding two things: Comparing and expecting!

Submitted by: Leigh

Yes and No are two short words which need a long thought.
Most of the thing we miss in our life by saying No too soon or Yes too late.

Submitted by: Vishal.Aspiration.

People play with your life when you let them play with it.

Submitted by: Rajdeep Mahal

The answer to life is whatever you want it to be.

Submitted by: Julie

The choices we make dictate the lives we lead!

Submitted by: Samantha

Live your dream, don’t dream your life.

Submitted by: Olivest

Life is like a river, it has its twists and turns and it can at times look clear or it can seem cloudy, but you should just remember to stop every little while and look at where you have been, how far you’ve come and how far you are about to go. Otherwise you can get lost, lose your way, and lose site of what is meant to be lying ahead for you.

Submitted by: Sammy Campbell

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Submitted by: Phil

Life is more than just being rich.
Life is about finding value in yourself.
Life is more than just making friends.
Life is about finding people you love and trust.
Life is more than just finding love.
Life is a chance to find the one you will grow old with.
Life is more than just finding a job.
Life is about finding what you want to do.
It’s your life. It’s your choice.

Submitted by: Jennifer

Life is is tough because we believe it’s tough.

Submitted by: kobe

Feels good to lay on the green grass and look up at the sky, listening to birds and all sorts of animals humming, trees swaying softly in the breeze, you just look around and take a deep breathe in and think I’m lucky to be alive.
When life gets hard, Giggle.
You deserve a beautiful life.
Before life gets in the way, start living.

Submitted by: Erin

Enjoy Life Regret Nothing.

Submitted by: Trisha

Laugh you’re heart out, Dance in the rain. Cherish The Moment, Ignore the pain, Live, Laugh, Love, forgive and forget. Life’s too Short To Be Living with Regrets.;)
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Submitted by: Natalie

May we all find what our hearts desire and live the life we dream of.

Submitted by: vanessa c

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