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7 Cardinal Rules For Life

Life Quote: 7 Cardinal Rules For Life

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Submitted by: dave

Look at yourself. Are your eyes twinkling? Is your heart dancing? Are your lips smiling? If yes, then you are truly enjoying your life.

Submitted by: RVM

Very often we let little things spoil some of our most important treasures – our moment, our day, our life.

Submitted by: RVM

Life is like riding a bicycle, if you are keep moving, you will be stable. Once you stop you will not be stable without a support.

Submitted by: Gopinath

In every life a little rain must fall.

Submitted by: KK123

Smile all the while for life is just a mile. Enjoy the journey before it is over.

Submitted by: RVM

Not truly living in the present moment and later regretting is like closing your eyes when a peacock is dancing, only to want to see it dance once it is gone.

Submitted by: RVM

Live! Don’t just exist!!! Don’t drag through life. Live each day as a celebration.

Submitted by: RVM

Life is like a beautiful bird that comes to your hand. If you let it go, it will fly into the sky, never to return.

Submitted by: RVM

In life, it is not where you are that matters, but what you do there.

Submitted by: Willy A. Tenadjang

Life is about the choices we make so if we don’t make the correct choices in life, we are surely heading for disaster.

Submitted by: Ursuls Pillay

Never worry about the past, it brings tears. Don’t think too much about the future, it brings fears. Live in the present moment with a smile it brings cheers !!

Submitted by: RVM

Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you only have one life and one chance to do all the things you want.

Submitted by: Blab

If you have not learnt anything but have learnt one thing that the goal of life is to be happy, you have learnt everything!

Submitted by: RVM

Just go on in your life as yourself and don’t mind the things what they tell about you.

Submitted by: marvin diacosta

Life is suffering.

Submitted by: isah potiskum

Life is not hard, it’s us making it hard, because we want more than what we deserve.

Submitted by: Naqibullah Paiman

Life is made up of moments. Moments create days, days create months, months create years, years create life. Lose the moment and you lose life.

Submitted by: RVM

The greatest pressure of life, is love.

Submitted by: Dondon

I won’t live for ever, So it’s now or never.


Joy of life is doubled when the meaning of your life is acknowledged, shared and enjoyed by others.

Submitted by: Naqibullah Paiman

I just want to live till I die. I want to open my wings and fly.

Submitted by: RVM

Move on, don’t let the little things of life hold you back. Forget, forgive, and move on.

Submitted by: RVM

In life what you aspire will transpire – be it loss or gain, sun or rain, joy or pain.

Submitted by: RVM

Dancing my dance, let others say whatever they like.

Submitted by: 123

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