Loneliness Quotes, Sayings about feeling lonely

I talk in front of a mirror to avoid loneliness.

Submitted by: liaqath

A shepherd in the forest is alone even though engaged with sheep.

Submitted by: liaqath

Share your sorrows and joys with others to avoid loneliness.

Submitted by: liaqath

If you prefer loneliness it is because of superiority or inferiority complex.

Submitted by: liaqath

I joke around, talk and make everyone happy and smile but I feel lonely deep down. Wishing that someone would do what I do to others to me.

Submitted by: Annelize

Loneliness is the feeling that no one is with you.

Submitted by: Karthik Salian

How can I miss something I never had?

Submitted by: PRAKASH

Lonely people are buried in the pet cemetery. After they cross over, they’ll have new friends, and never, be lonely, ever, again!

Submitted by: Dr.Arnold

All that time ago, you made me feel like someone, and now look what you’ve done to me. You have left me alone, completely alone, pretending that you still care but it’s too late. I’m a goner.

Submitted by: Will parsons

We are lonesome animals. We spend all our life trying to be less lonesome.
John Steinbeck

If the great internet connects us all … then why are so many of us becoming increasingly isolated?
Stephen Richards

Better be quarreling than lonesome.
– Irish Proverb

We live, as we dream – alone.
Joseph Conrad

Loneliness is your own self accompanying you whenever you choose that, this is the price you have to pay for being real and rejecting fake people.

Submitted by: Dark

Two people can sleep in the same bed and still be alone when they close their eyes.
Haruki Murakami

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