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When a man is one of a kind, he will be lonely wherever he is.
– Louis L’Amour

The worst thing about loneliness is that it brings one face to face with oneself.
– Mary Balogh

Just remember: Everyone feels lonely at times.

Loneliness Quote: Just remember: Everyone feels lonely at times.

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The most lonely place in the world is the human heart when love is absent. So keep loving no matter what happened. ;- )

Submitted by: Agatha

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
– Joseph F Newton

Loneliness is when people come to talk to you, because you’re a good person and a good listener. Though when you have something on your mind that you wish to talk about the room is empty. So you remain on a search for that special person that will hear what you have to say. That is, if it doesn’t become too much from waiting so long.

Submitted by: Aaron Alan Poe

I’ll never forget how the depression and loneliness felt good and bad at the same time. Still does.
– Henry Rollins

There are people in this world who enjoy being alone. But there isn’t a single person who can bear solitude
– Makarov (Fairy Tail).

Submitted by: Paolo

A man in a bookstore buys a book on loneliness and every woman in the store hits on him. A woman buys a book on loneliness and the store clears out.
– Doug Coupland

We enter the world alone,
We leave the world alone,
So it is better to be alone.

Submitted by: najma a

We enter the world alone!!!!!!
We leave the world alone!!!!!
So it’s better we live alone!!!!!!!

Submitted by: zain ul abideen

Be good and you will be lonesome.
Mark Twain

Loneliness Quote: Be good and you will be lonesome....

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The biggest disease known to mankind is loneliness. :- (

Submitted by: lovely rose

When you’re awake at 4am & you don’t miss anyone, then you know that you’ve been gone for too long, and you just don’t want do.
Or that there’s no one really there to miss or think about. And you realize that you haven’t been gone…but just alone for too long.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.
Charles M. Schulz

I was never less alone than when by myself.
Edward Gibbon

Loneliness Quote: I was never less alone than when...

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What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.
– Richard Wilbur

I was more alone than if I had been alone.
Jonathan Safran Foer

Loneliness Quote: I was more alone than if I...

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I guess, even the company of evil is preferable to loneliness.

Submitted by: M wade

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.
Mahatma Gandhi

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