Love Quotes and Sayings

Love is the most important treasure you can have.

Submitted by: Anne valenzuela

The best feeling ever is to fall in love all over again with the same person.

Submitted by: Estelecia

Do you have the same feeling like myself, falling in love with the same person all over and over again. It was the sweet moments ever right. You love that person until your last breath. Sometimes if that person standing in front of you, your whole body shaken up and you can hear the church bells ring, totally insane, right?

Submitted by: Estelecia

Giving someone all your love and attention isn’t an assurance that they love you back. Don’t expect love in return but wait for it to grow in their heart!!!

Submitted by: Justice Dominion

Nobody deserves to be hurt. But. Some can hurt you more than you deserve. Because you loved them more than they deserve.

Submitted by: Yanaa

It hurts to know that you’ll never look at me the way I look at you.

Submitted by: Chatanja

Love brings out all creativity be in love with your own true self.
– Anandmurti Gurumaa

Submitted by: Anandmurti Gurumaa

Love is like a rose with thorns. It is beautiful and hurtful.

Submitted by: ayuk solange

One day you’ll meet someone who doesn’t care about your past because they want to be with you in the future.

Submitted by: bxizxrxlovexswxd

The mind can lie for what it thinks, but the heart never lies for what it feels.

Submitted by: Earl Capuchino

Brave is a soul willing to take a chance with a stranger in the name of love.

Submitted by: Quincy NJ Jones

I am going for a long walk would you hold something for me. My hand!!!

Submitted by: Shishir Manral

Loving someone gives you strength. Being loved by someone gives you courage!!

Submitted by: Shishir Manral

Love is meant to make you happy, not sad. What’s the use of love, if it makes you mad!

Submitted by: RVM

Sometimes I hate it when you hug me because I won’t want to let go and I know that I have to.

Submitted by: Susanna Bullen

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