Love Quotes and Sayings - Page 4

The thing which hurts you the most is when you understand that a person whom you love the most doesn’t even remember you and doesn’t even care about you. So don’t love too much or don’t expect too much.

Submitted by: Stephen

Don’t tell me words of love, show me action of love.

Submitted by: ngalame Cyrinus

If you have love you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it it doesn’t matter much what else you do have.
James Matthew Barrie

You’re nothing, till someone loves you.

Submitted by: Shubham Patel

I don’t know a perfect person, I only know flawed people who are worth loving.

Submitted by: Tiela Selepe

Love means waiting the right time to find the one.

Submitted by: Jobeth

Why do we lock our cars but not our hearts, as if there is something more important inside a vehicle than inside ourselves.

Submitted by: Amanda K

Love is like a match to a wick. It takes that right combination to strike a flame. But once the flame is there, it can either give warmth, die out or burn your world to ashes. Even kill you. It’s how you sustain the flame, feed it, and moderate the amount of energy in balance.
Anthony Liccione

Submitted by: mp

As I wake up in the morning I first check my inbox expecting a message from you.

Submitted by: karu

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.
W. Somerset Maugham

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