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It’s better to love someone who’s far and craves to be with you than to love someone who’s near yet doesn’t even care to see you.

Submitted by: Cesar

Love is like a swing sometimes it’s down sometimes its up.

Submitted by: lani

Don’t let gender be the judge of a relationship.

Submitted by: Ashleyyy

Love is a trick of the heart to fool the mind.

Submitted by: Palomaa

Love… It’s the roller coaster of life. I’ve loved and then lost, loved and lost, loved and lost again. I have never had returned love. But that has taught me one thing. If those guys don’t like me, then it just means I haven’t found ‘Him’ yet. But I will. And you will too. All it needs is time.

Submitted by: Jelly

Sometimes love is mean, but sometimes it is a beautiful thing. It all depends on the guy and the girl.

Submitted by: Maggie

Don’t waste your time on someone who don’t have time for you, never let someone steal your heart if they won’t let you take theirs.

Submitted by: layla

Love me for me and not for someone you wish that I could be.

Submitted by: rachel

The search for love is like trying to find the path that leads to your way home in darkness and when you find it, cherish it like a gold mine.

Submitted by: uche justin christian

I wonder if you know how many times I think about you, how many times I’ve stayed awake thinking about you and how many times I’ve sat there crying over you, I wonder if you know how much I love you.

Submitted by: Victoriaaa Xx

Love is love there is no definition, it is the heart’s desire to serve, the eyes desire to see a smile on that person’s face, the mind’s desire to make that special one happy, the lips’ desire to kiss, the hands’ desire to feel, the arms’ desire to hold, and above all love is love.

Submitted by: Anthony

If heaven had heights she’d be taller.

Submitted by: brandon rios

Love is a rare feeling,, most often when you think you’re “in love”,, it’s merely the memories you had and the time you had spent together that makes you think it is love.
You’ll know it’s love the moment you meet eyes with them. So don’t go throwing the word around like bouncy ball.

Submitted by: Coldfactss

Love is the only thing that can turn enemy into friend, but it also ruin someone’s life.

Submitted by: Kevin

There is nothing in the world to explain love, when you are truly in love.

Submitted by: gris

Love me like there is nothing else to love.

Submitted by: Nawaal

Love is a feeling that makes one crazy and passionate.

Submitted by: Nawal

You should always wait for a guy to tell you he loves you first, even if you really wanna say it. Just so you know he feels the same without pressure.

Submitted by: Baylee Maughon

It only takes one person to break your heart so when you pick your lover, choose the right one.

Submitted by: Sasha Dunn

You know he cares if he asked you what’s wrong and you said nothing but he waits for the real answer.

Submitted by: Lola roman

Last night I had tears rolling down my face and that minute I remembered what the dream was you left me. :'(

Submitted by: chelsea

Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like hugging a teddy bear. Why? Because no matter how tight you hug it, it will never hug you back.

Submitted by: ryan

How do you know when a guy truly loves you? When he reads your texts you sent him over & over again all night. When he tells you he loves you every chance he gets. When he will bring you around all his guys friends & say this is my girl. He will kiss you around a crowd of people. When you get that feeling that you have never ever had before you will know he really loves you, just look into his eyes you will know if it is true.

Submitted by: *sarah*

People say you don’t know what you have until you loss it, but the difference is that I know what I have and I’m keeping it. <3

Submitted by: rudolph

Love is when you forgive, even before the “sorry” is said.

Submitted by: Joy Shekinah Beracah

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