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When we first met we had nothing, but now with your hand in mine and our hearts together we have it all.

Submitted by: melissa

You know you are in love when you try to convince yourself you are not.

Submitted by: Daniela Aizpuru

Love is loving someone without reasons.

Submitted by: Jennygold

Silence between two best defines the LOVE.

Submitted by: mahi sona

When you’re on my mind I can not concentrate on anything else.

Submitted by: Asia

Love endures all things, love never fails.

Submitted by: elsie

When you smile you simply light up my world to a extreme.:)

Submitted by: crazyhawtchick

They may be your soul mate, but you might not be theirs.

Submitted by: Katie

Love, when I hear the word I think of that one person. The person that don’t see the good in you. They don’t like you, but yet you have the strongest feelings for them. You love them more than anyone, and you just want to be in their arms constantly.
Every time you hear their name, see them you go weak. Your stomach fills with butterflies, and you panic. You ask yourself millions of stupid questions. Questions that would never be asked. You talk, and act like everything is fine, when it’s not, and really you’re crying inside, and wanting to scream in their face that you love them! But you just can’t.
Love is the most precious, but painful thing. It ruins lives, tears people apart. But when you’ve found ‘the one’ its the best thing anyone could ever ask for, it brings joy and happiness. It’s one of the most scary, painful things, yet everyone seems to want it. Even you and me. Yes. That’s my definition of love.

Submitted by: jai

I don’t love you with my heart, because one day it will stop. I love you with my soul.

Submitted by: maba

You can’t live without love.

Submitted by: kayla

I’m single, but you’re welcome to change that.
Sending a text that says “Good morning beautiful” can change a girls attitude for the whole day.
I failed a spelling test because they asked me how to spell player and I put your name.
And you sir, you’re very attractive, and therefore I will stare at you.
Every time she laughs, she hopes he’s watching… Not so that she sees she’s happy, but that maybe, just maybe, he’ll fall for her smile… Just as hard as she fell for his.
When I was little “I’m gonna tell your mom” was the scariest sentence ever.
Me no study, me no care.. Me go marry a millionaire… If he die, me no cry.. Me go marry another guy.
What’s your dream?” “To be kissed in the rain, how about you?” “To be the one kissing you”.
Be careful who you open up to, only some people care, the rest are just curious.
I never want to be your whole life, just your favorite part.
I hate that I love you… I hate that all the girls love you… I hate not knowing who you love… But most of all, I hate knowing that I don’t have a chance.

Submitted by: !*jEn JeN*!

I’m not crying because I miss you I’m crying because you never gave me the answers I deserved to hear.

Submitted by: katie

Never ignore a person who loves and cares for you, cause on day you may realize you lost the moon while counting the stars.<3

Submitted by: Mariah

When you are in love nothing seems impossible.

Submitted by: mahi sona

Love is the only thing you need. Nothing else is important.

Submitted by: Love Genie

Somebody asked me do I believe in true love..I said I don’t know about true love.. But I believe in him.

Submitted by: Hope

Love is never a choice, but relationship is definitely a choice.

Submitted by: Zishim

There are three things that a guy should want to change about a girl: her last name, address, and her viewpoint on men.

Submitted by: Kelly

LOVE is simply a word…you can’t feel unless you’ve met the right person. (:

Submitted by: MusicalMel

Long distant relationships seem romantic. But in the end you have a broken heart and a stolen man.

Submitted by: Nzoop

Love is the only true form of magic on earth. It cannot be explained only experienced.

Submitted by: Antonio

If there was a land, where wishes came true… My first wish would be to share it forever… With you.

Submitted by: Broken

It’s never easy to see a loved one love someone else…but it’s even more difficult to pretend that you’re “fine” with it.

Submitted by: Dominic Heldt

Her scent, her touch, a kiss on the cheek, a soft but strong hug, I missed though I was holding her..I got goosebumps ..she makes my heart smile, and my soul dance…I love you!

Submitted by: jorgie vodx

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