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The worst part is not that you broke my heart,the worst part is that I knew this it was going to happen.

Submitted by: *cuttie*

Love is weakest when theres more doubt than trust but love is strongest when we learn how to trust inspite of the doubt.

Submitted by: grace

Love is when you are willling to be sad just for him to be happy

Submitted by: sad.godeszt.o1

“To love is to recieve a glimpse of heaven.”

Submitted by: Chris Alexander

Never make someone your EVERYTHING because if you lose them you have NOTHING

Submitted by: Briana

“You are the one that every time my phone rings I pray to see your name flash across the screen. And when its not all the butterflies in my stomach fade away, until the phone rings again…”

Submitted by: ROXXIE

The greatest joy on earth is to truly love. Discover love today. Experience the bliss & fulfillment that comes from loving and caring. Love is magical.

Love Quote: The greatest joy on earth is to...

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Submitted by: RVM

Dear you,

I may be thousands of miles away but you’re still the first thing on my mind.

Love Quote: Dear you, I may be thousands of...

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Don’t force yourself to fall in love just because you think it’s your turn. Wait for a while. Maybe the cupids are just having a hard time searching for the heart that deserves you.

He is 90% of the reason I get up for school every morning.

Submitted by: CJ
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