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If you love someone keep them close never push them too far or your loved one will be gone forever

Submitted by: Abbi

My head says who cares but my heart says you do stupid.

Submitted by: erika

My head says one thing but my heart wants another.

Submitted by: erika

If I would get 5 cents every time I saw someone as beautiful as you I would have 5 cents.

Submitted by: meee

Loving someone isn’t about how long, how much, why, or where.. It’s about opening your heart, being fearless and have enough courage to give that person the choice to do the same. Even if they choose not to.

Submitted by: Abigail

All my life I’ve felt lost but when I found you I felt like I was home.

Submitted by: #team rachel

You’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much, always on my mind!

Submitted by: alexandria evans

You make me want to be a better man.

Submitted by: tony

To be together you need {to}{get}{her}

Submitted by: nicole lopez

It is better to love someone you can’t have than to have someone you can’t love.

Submitted by: mimi williams

Love is like a rain… You cannot stop it.
Love is like a book… You can never complete and tell the story if you don’t turn to the next pages.
Love is like a mirror… Once it’s broken you cannot see your reflection clearly.
Love is life… You cannot live without love in your heart.

Submitted by: Diana

I would like to be your shadow, because it will be beside you for all the life.

Submitted by: maba

Love is the greatest feeling in the word but it can also be the worse.

Submitted by: JonR

The Way You Know Your In Love With Him, Is When You Think To Yourself And Wonder Is He Worth Fighting For? You Say Hell Ya! He’s The Only One That Shows Me Off To His Friends When Your Wearing Sweats…And Thinks You’re Beautiful No Matter What You Look Like.

Submitted by: Daniiellle

You ever put a puzzle together and two pieces almost fit? You force them to go together, and it works, for a little while anyway, but by forcing that piece to fit you mess up the rest of the puzzle, it will never be complete, if you are patient, you’ll find the right puzzle piece, you are my missing puzzle piece I have been waiting for, I love you.

Submitted by: Mark barnett

You just get a feeling inside you never have gotten before .. It’s called love. <3

Submitted by: Destiny

What is Love? It’s hugging a lot. Being there for each other. Holding each other up. Smiling the smiles and drying the tears and saying the words that keeps us going. It’s celebrating the best and forgiving the worst. Knowing there’s always someone who 100% believes in you, and will always let you know that you’ll always belong. That’s what really matters. That’s Love!

Submitted by: Ashleigh

Love + Honesty + Faithfulness = True Love

Submitted by: Haitham Al-Zadjali

You know something? The very moment I’m with you, the smile on your face always makes my day shine perfectly.

Submitted by: Martin Lee

Love is a verb.

Submitted by: aeshani Bella

Love is an amazing thing, an once in a life time chance, an experience. If you get a chance at love, take it. Let it take you to places you could never imagine. Feelings you never thought you would feel. Love is an experience you can’t let pass by you. Take it, love it and be happy.

Submitted by: Ashley?

Waiting for something to happen is not always good cause sometimes when it finally comes, it’s no longer what you’d die for. So think well before leaving someone cause when you realize they were what you needed, it might be too late and they might have found someone else.
Tell her that you love her, you’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll always regret it if you don’t.

Submitted by: Gogo

If you love someone enough, there isn’t a limit to what you would do for them.

Submitted by: Ashley

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world but it is often abused and misused..

Submitted by: Della

Love is what we all need.

Submitted by: Tasha

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