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He is 90% of the reason I get up for school every morning.

Submitted by: CJ

If I be the peanut butter will you be the jelly??
If I be the sky will you be the clouds??
If I be the iPod will you be the music??
If I be the paper will you be the pencil??
If I be the heart will you be my love??
If we are 2 will you make us 1??

Submitted by: Nicole:))

Love will find you when it knows ur ready

Submitted by: love

Love cannot be forced… It just happens..

Submitted by: Yogendra Bhonsale

The saying goes ‘You break it, you buy it,’ but if you break my heart there’s no way on Earth you can buy it back.

Submitted by: Juless

The word H.E.L.L.O. Means
H= How are you
E= Everything alright?
L= Like to hear from you soon
L= Love to see you soon
O= Obviously I miss you!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Chilie is awsome

When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change our feelings because it’s the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.

Love Quote: When you truly care for someone, their...

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Oh and one more…
If you love someone out their name in a circle, not a heart because hearts break but cirlces go on forever!
That one makes so much sense! Seriously – *Carly

Submitted by: Carly

Here’s to the guys who love us
The losers who left us
And the lucky ones who get to meet us

Submitted by: Bailey

UmM.. HeRe I thiNK I goT…-
itS n0t ab0ut beiNg wUt pe0ple want you 2 be its ab0ut beiNg you and finding s0me 0ne wh0 l0ves eVery biT 0f it*

Submitted by: --reNee
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