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Here’s to the guys who love us
The losers who left us
And the lucky ones who get to meet us

Submitted by: Bailey

UmM.. HeRe I thiNK I goT…-
itS n0t ab0ut beiNg wUt pe0ple want you 2 be its ab0ut beiNg you and finding s0me 0ne wh0 l0ves eVery biT 0f it*

Submitted by: --reNee

When you love a woman look in her eyes and tell her she is the one…tell her it will last forever…and find yourself lying helpless in her arms…

Submitted by: ashley

Good relationships don’t just happen, it takes time and patience. Communication is the best keyword.

Submitted by: Lhorie

In your heart, thats where I want to be.

Submitted by: Dominica

Hold onto that person which is precious to you and never let go…

Submitted by: Ice Neko

My deepest fear is that I’ll look back on my life and wonder what I did with it.

Submitted by: chels

Love me when I don’t deserve it…that’s when I need it the most!

Submitted by: BabyT

The most important thing you can give someone is a chance.
mind over matter. I don’t mind. And you don’t matter.

Submitted by: shelby.

There will always be a hand there for you.Never change your personality for a certain hand.
Love me Kbzo

Submitted by: Kbzo
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