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I don’t tell you I love you out of habit or to make conversation, I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Submitted by: Tristyn

If one day you want to cry, just call me. I can’t promise I’ll make you laugh, but I can cry with you.
If one day you want to run away, don’t be afraid, just call me. I can’t promise I’ll make you stop, but I can run with you.
If one day you are bored, just call me. I can’t promise I will entertain you, but I can tell you I am bored too.
But if one day you tell me you are in love with me, I promise I will tell you I am love with you, too.

Submitted by: sumitra pathak

There is only so many times you can keep going back, only so many times he can make you cry yourself to sleep, only so many times you can wish things were different, but it only takes one time to stick up for yourself and walk away.

Submitted by: Casey

I would sleep all day just to see you in my dreams.

Submitted by: Marissa

A relationship without love is not a relationship.

Submitted by: ibifuro

Love can be found any where around the world but still it is the most sought thing on earth.

Submitted by: J

One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.

Submitted by: nooni

To love is to trust.

Submitted by: Kayla

I may not be the strongest man, but I’m strong enough to stand up for you.
I may not be the hottest man, but I’ll be here to give you warm hugs.
I may not be the smartest man, but I’m smart enough to never leave you.
Babe, I’m not going anywhere and you can trust me on that.

Submitted by: Anonymous

I want nothing but the “BEST” for you, and that is why I want you to always have “ME” in your life.

Submitted by: jiro suratman

Love is like a sugarcane; sweet at the beginning but tasteless at the end.

Submitted by: samuel

I met someone. It was an accident. I wasn’t looking for it. He said one thing, I said another, next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation.

Submitted by: Hisgirl

If you love something don’t set it free, fight with every last dying breathe, you have just to hold on to it.

Submitted by: Hisgirl

Someday I’ll tell you how much you mean to me…
How much you’ve changed my world in the little time that you’ve been a part of it. ..
I’ll explain the butterflies I get every time I’m with you, and how you’re the first thing that crosses my mind in the morning and the last thing I think about each night…
I’ll tell you that my heart skips a beat when you smile, and how I pray for just one more minute when you’re holding me in your arms.

Submitted by: Hisgirl

Never in a million years did I think I’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect; someone who’d make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be; someone that would touch my life so profoundly and just give me a whole new reason to breathe…But then I found you, and realized that everything I anticipated you’d be, doesn’t even compare to what you are.

Submitted by: Hisgirl

Because Of You.
I Laugh A Little Harder, Cry A Little Less, & Smile A Little More.

Submitted by: Inspire05

Let’s flip a coin heads we stay together, tails we flip again.

Submitted by: mari

Some people look for the perfect person to love. But they don’t realize that a person becomes perfect when we begin to love them sincerely.

Submitted by: Rhona Placencia

It’s crazy how you can find everything wrong with him… But it still just doesn’t matter.

Submitted by: ash*

Love is like a bridge…You build it…You watch it fall…You build it again and again…hopefully someday you will walk across it…

Submitted by: Hannah

I Fall, I Rise, I Make Mistakes, I Live, I Learn, I’ve Been Hurt, But I’m Alive. I’m Human, I’m Not Perfect But I’m Thankful To Have you!!!
When A Girl Asks You To Listen To A Song, It’s Because The Lyrics Mean Everything She’s Trying To Say To You.

Submitted by: jenelle ops

Love is when someone become your everything, and you do everything for your someone.

Submitted by: Amadu Wurie Jalloh

Love is when your heart becomes the world for another.

Submitted by: Amadu wurie Jalloh

I’m so lucky to say that your mine, I still get those stupid butterflies. It’s just what you do and I love everything about you…
Deep down in my heart I know, you’re the one I love and I can’t let you go.
With you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.
I just want to be the girl you talk about. The only one you can’t live without. To be the only one who makes your heart beat crazy; And for you to say to your boys: “She is my baby”.
Don’t Lead Me On And Leave Me Confused. Anyone Would Rather Be Left Alone Than Have Their Heart Abused.
I’m not perfect and you know its true but yet you still look at me as if I’m your whole world, the one you want to be with 24/7.

Submitted by: Adriana

A genie appeared to me, gave me an option to make a wish, either to have a good memory, or to have you in my life. I forgot what I’ve chosen.

Submitted by: hachi

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