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There Is Only One Happiness In Life To Love And Be Loved.

Submitted by: Jane

There’s always that one special person that no matter what they do to you, you just can’t let them go.

Submitted by: Alexisss.

One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me, and your kiss won’t make me weak. But no one in this world knows me the way you know me, so you’ll probably always have a spell on me.

Submitted by: Alexisss.

You know that you have fallen in love with someone, when you start loving that person more that you love yourself.

Submitted by: R.MA

Love is the only thing which increases when we share it.

Submitted by: PRAVIN ABBOTT

Today, my boyfriend told me, if perfect is what you’re looking for, just stay the same! :)

Submitted by: Sarah

Love is a little thing that can make you crazy.

Submitted by: Maryell Joyce B. Mag-aso

Guys can be so cute sometimes and not even know it!

Submitted by: MaDiE Vz

I saw a star fall from heaven, and then I met you.

Submitted by: dani g.

You’d be right to call me a fool, but I’m only a fool for you.

Submitted by: Lexi!

Don’t be shy to show you feelings about people you care for because if you do you may lose the one close to you.

Submitted by: Danniibbe94

Love is what keeps you moving at times you feel like giving up.

Submitted by: donna

Love is not an emotion, It’s devotion.

Submitted by: Daiirokit

In love, you got to know when to let someone go even if it kills, but in the end you got to stay strong through what ever decision you make … You may make mistakes in life, but hey everyone makes mistakes you just learn from your mistakes.

Submitted by: dee

Love is not a feeling it’s an action.

Submitted by: ricmhar

Love is the another name of heaven.

Submitted by: Nilab

A girl asked me what I seen in him and before I could say anything, my best friend put her hand over my mouth and said don’t even get her started!!!

Submitted by: Jade

It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is.

Submitted by: Jules

Love is what make two people sit next to each other when there’s plenty of room on the other side of the bench.

Submitted by: calvin

Love isn’t the person you can see yourself with, it’s the person you can’t see yourself without.

Submitted by: Louisa X

First love is the last love.

Submitted by: Shyam

Love is a choice wrapped in emotion. Loving someone, and being married to someone is not always easy. In fact, it is probably the most difficult thing you will ever cross in your life. These days, when times get tough, it is easier to run away from them then to face them. That is why divorce is so prevalent these days. People think that love should be easy, just like in the movies, but it’s not! It is extremely difficult and takes a lot of work…from both sides! Love is a choice that you make a million times a day. From the smallest and most insignificant things, to life changing events. When you can subconsciously ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do, say, or think helpful to our relationship? or will it hurt our relationship? When you can do this, you are completely “IN LOVE” with that person. When times get tough remind yourself that loving that person is a choice. You “choose” to love them, so you will “choose” to fight for them. Love can not survive if only one person is trying. It takes both people fighting and making that “choice” to love each other. Then, and only then, will love survive!

Submitted by: Anthony Curtiss

That day I tattooed my girlfriend’s name on my chest & today after looking at that, my daughter asks me..”Do you love me this much daddy?”.

Submitted by: mrithun

I’d rather have bad times with you that good times with someone else.

Submitted by: Carl(im a girl)

Sacrifice is the second name of love.

Submitted by: Ankush

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