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Absence is to love as wind is to fire,
it extinguishes the small,
it inflames the great.

Submitted by: prachi

Never think you love someone, you should always feel it.

Submitted by: HanaBanana

If you can’t get someone out of your head, then maybe you shouldn’t

Submitted by: Sarah Russ

True love can never be explained, it can only be felt.

Submitted by: Tan

In the morning I do not eat because I think of you, at noon I do not eat because I think of you, in the evening I do not eat because I think of you, at night I do not sleep because I am hungry . . . I love you baby

Submitted by: raia

You know you’re in love when the hardest thing to do is see him cry.

Submitted by: Jewel

They say if someone loves you they would love you along with your flaws but I say if someone loved you they won’t even see your flaws. You’d be perfect to them.

Submitted by: Ruby

Love isn’t your heart skipping a beat when you see her…but beating a million times faster!

Submitted by: Conner

Love is addiction without the guilt.

Submitted by: Mel

Here are a few of my favorites:
I keep telling myself that I don’t miss you, and that I don’t love you, hoping someday I’ll believe it
Love is when you can’t stop looking at him even if he’ll never look back
I swear I’d rip out my heart if you said you’d be impressed.
I wonder what he’s thinking when he looks at me and smiles.
I get the best feeling when you say hi to me or even smile because I know for a second, I crossed your mind.
Sometimes I wish you’d pay more attention to my favorite songs because the lyrics they sing are the words I’m too scared to say.
These are my absolute favorite… Most of them are from this website so… Ya
if you guys want anymore, just e- mail me at Tell me the situation or what kind of quote you’re looking for and I’ll try my best ;)

Submitted by: ~~CyNThiA~~

He is 90% of the reason I get up for school every morning.

Submitted by: CJ

If you want to know what love feels like, you don’t have to ask that question. You will know love when you feel love…

Submitted by: hannah

True love is when you start counting the days until you’ll see him again even though he’s standing right beside you.

Submitted by: Hazel

I cry myself to sleep every night
just hoping that someday
you will love me
as much as I love you…

Submitted by: a.c.h

I just can’t spell it out to him, it’s not that simple.
We were office mate and all I can do is look at him in the eye and wish he could read my thoughts.

Submitted by: nenene

Trust someone before you love them, or else you will be blinded in the future.

Submitted by: N.Spitz

If you love him, tell him.

Submitted by: kkk

Girl- Hello!
Boy- Hey
Girl- Whats wrong?
Boy- I like this girl but I can never tell her the words “I love you”.
Girl- Just tell her. She’ll understand.
Boy- Nah, she’ll never understand.
Girl- She does.
Boy- How do you know?
Girl- Because, I love you too!
Boy- …
Girl :D

Submitted by: Tiffany

I can say a thousand words but nothing I can say to add up to the three words that you said to me..

Submitted by: Am.jay baybay!!

Everybody carries a puzzle piece, it’s just finding the person to fit yours.

Submitted by: Sophie

Love is choosing the higher good for the other person and putting their needs above your own.

Submitted by: zach g

All anyone wants in life is to be loved forever by the one they love most.
– Victoria

Submitted by: victoria

It’s not my fault I fell in love with you, you made me.

Submitted by: ember

Don’t find love, Let love find you.

Submitted by: Cute May

You can fall from the sky, you can fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is in love with me.
Count by twos and when you reach five is when I stop loving you.
Always wear cute pajamas cause you never know who you will meet in your dreams.
Hate is easy, Love takes courage.

Submitted by: Kat

If you love someone you will be willing to give up everything for them but if they loved you they would never ask you to!

Submitted by: jodie

Love might be my effort to guide you gently back to yourself.
– Leo Buscalia

Submitted by: Mary

Love isn’t about being someone else’s “perfect person”,
It’s about finding somebody who helps you become the best person you can be.

Submitted by: Mandy

Did you know there’s 6.5 Billion people in the world…And the person who I choose to grow old with, is with you.

Submitted by: Brian

Love is when he/she is the only person you think of 24/7.

Submitted by: Paige Gray

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