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Love is always wanting to be by him even when things are getting hard just to have him there would make you feel better.

Submitted by: Ashley Fulmer

Being lost isn’t so bad as long as I’m lost with you.

Submitted by: one

Only you can put a smile on this frown.

Submitted by: one

Sometimes the one you love the most is right under your nose.

Submitted by: Lovejunkie

To feel love is one thing, but to understand it is another.

Submitted by: Lovejunkie

Just like in dreams, with love there’s no such thing as impossible.

Submitted by: anonymous

Love is knowing all the answers…to the questions you don’t have to ask.

Submitted by: Mary L.

You don’t fall in love, you can’t find love. Love finds you, and love falls on you.

Submitted by: Rachael

Every time I hear your voice my heart skips a beat and I smile… When they mention your name it lights up my face and makes my heart skip a beat… When I see your face it makes me smile and I can’t stop… When we are together it feels like time has just stopped and its just you and me… I don’t notice anything around us but your face… I want to spend every moment with you… But it also kills me because I can’t have you… It hurts so bad… All I want to do is hold you and feel your lips against mine… Hear you whisper my name in my ear… Feel your touch on my skin… All I want is to be with you… So tell me how I can stop feeling this way…

Submitted by: sarah

Love is something that is always there, no matter how many times it leaves you, or how many times you walk out of it.

Submitted by: Faye

..for love knows no reason. :]

Submitted by: sweetie hannah

Love is what surrounds our everyday life. Whether we need it for weakness, strength, or health. No matter what occurs in the obstacles of life…Love is something that can never let you down. It’s everywhere.

Submitted by: isabella

Love is when you don’t need to say anything to make someone smile.

Submitted by: Kitty

Only a person who has not felt true love can move on in life saying “There are lots of other fish in the sea”

Submitted by: Chethani

I don’t have the courage to go up to him and hear his voice or look straight into his eyes but I do have the courage to talk to him wen he’s not by my side ….I wish upon a star that he would come up to me and just say hi and Give the warmest hug <3…and take it on from there.

Submitted by: Salma

He was never in my dreams because I wanted him in reality.

Submitted by: c00kie m0nstah

Sometimes at night, I wish I had never met you. Because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.

Submitted by: courteney

Love is something you can never explain. It comes when it is meant for you!

Submitted by: Via78

The word love can be explained in thousands of ways, but the only word that comes to my mind is you.

Submitted by: jiji

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world and I only want you.

Submitted by: denndennb

Perfume: $30 New dress: $25, Curling Iron: $20 you telling me you love me: PRICELESS

Submitted by: mainsqueeze

To love and be loved back is like feeling the warmth of the sun from both sides.

Submitted by: namadek

You’ll always have a place in my heart, cos that’s where I keep my valuables.

Submitted by: kang

Falling in love is like falling in a deep hole and its too hard to get out from…

Submitted by: Dea

We have been raised differently. We are different. There have been times our paths have crossed and separated, but in the end those paths reached each other again to form one road for us to walk together and take on whatever this journey has to offer.

Submitted by: Ashley

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