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The truth is no one can hurt me but the thing is if they can’t its not worth trying…only if they care.

Submitted by: Kyra

If you don’t love yourself than who do you expect love from.

Submitted by: d1

Ok, there’s a person you like and a person that likes you. If they were both were in trouble who would you save?
Answer: Save the one that likes you and die with the one you love.

Submitted by: Lovexoxo

I can still taste our first kiss………sweeeettt!

Submitted by: sweetdream

When he said, “I’ll love you forever,” he actually meant “I’ll go out with you for a month and that’s it” in boy language.

Submitted by: ~JoJo~

Distance isn’t the difference between life and death, nor is it the length between both poles. The real definition of “Distance” is me standing mere inches from you and you not knowing how much I love you.

Submitted by: SimpleHolly

Love is an endless forgiveness, it makes you happy, then gives you pain. Smiles turn to tears.. Yet one tender look wipe it all away, which becomes a habit.

Submitted by: heart keeps breaking

You know she loves you by the way she looks at you.

Submitted by: MYheartBELONGStoA_ _ _ _

The heart has reasons, the mind cannot explain… That’s why I love you !!!

Submitted by: Lucille

Guys always ask, “What does he has that I don’t?” I say “My heart!” <3

Submitted by: Anonymous

There is a place you can touch that will make a girl go crazy. Her heart.

Submitted by: Ryan

They say a picture says 1000 words. But when I see yours, I only think of three…..I……LOVE….YOU

Submitted by: Amanda

True love is that feeling you get when your with that certain someone. That special feeling that nothing can hurt you as long as you are in their arms. That nobody can separate you two from being together because your love will last forever and that feeling that there is nobody else in the world besides you and me when I look into your eyes.

Submitted by: jazzydee

LOVE the broken Heart, but never break the LOVING heart.

Submitted by: Sunny

Love is most beautiful accident. I got hurt very badly…

Submitted by: Lokesh+Shubhangi=Shubhesh

I tried to find the perfect line to make you mine, but all I could find was the look in my eyes, your hand in mine, and the words will you be mine.

Submitted by: Sammy Gutierrez

Love is always wanting to be by him even when things are getting hard just to have him there would make you feel better.

Submitted by: Ashley Fulmer

Being lost isn’t so bad as long as I’m lost with you.

Submitted by: one

Only you can put a smile on this frown.

Submitted by: one

Sometimes the one you love the most is right under your nose.

Submitted by: Lovejunkie

To feel love is one thing, but to understand it is another.

Submitted by: Lovejunkie

Just like in dreams, with love there’s no such thing as impossible.

Submitted by: anonymous

Love is knowing all the answers…to the questions you don’t have to ask.

Submitted by: Mary L.

You don’t fall in love, you can’t find love. Love finds you, and love falls on you.

Submitted by: Rachael

Every time I hear your voice my heart skips a beat and I smile… When they mention your name it lights up my face and makes my heart skip a beat… When I see your face it makes me smile and I can’t stop… When we are together it feels like time has just stopped and its just you and me… I don’t notice anything around us but your face… I want to spend every moment with you… But it also kills me because I can’t have you… It hurts so bad… All I want to do is hold you and feel your lips against mine… Hear you whisper my name in my ear… Feel your touch on my skin… All I want is to be with you… So tell me how I can stop feeling this way…

Submitted by: sarah

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