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Life isn’t life without love.

Submitted by: janelle

Love is like a game, the more serious you are, the more pain you get when you fail.

Submitted by: marites denila

Love hurts in a million ways.

Submitted by: losly jackson

Where there is love there is pain always.

Submitted by: SHUBAM RAINA

Why try to change who you are to make someone love you when the right person will love you for who you really are, it’s no fun hiding who you are in front of the person you love.

Submitted by: alai jaw

If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.

Submitted by: shelly

If you love someone then let them know if you don’t let them go.

Submitted by: Daniel Brookman

No matter how smart you are, love make fools of all of us!

Submitted by: M Du Plessis

It is hard for us to forget the person that we love. But it is more harder for us to forget the sweet, sour, bitter memories that we had with them.

Submitted by: Love <3

No way is long if you are with me.

Submitted by: Riyaz

There’s always someone that makes me smile even though I feel tired and restless.

Submitted by: ayen suu kulit

It is only love that heals the wound of love.

Submitted by: Nze Pat. Uriel

Your love is the password to my happiness.

Submitted by: Mariofunkeng

Promises are promises. And they are meant to be kept. So I promise you I’ll always love you.

Submitted by: TJR

Ain’t it amazing how you don’t get tired of running all over my mind and still remain right next to me. Yet they wonder why I call you super man.

Submitted by: vale

Love should last forever not a week!

Submitted by: ANGEL

He enters an abandoned building. He sees objects and material broken. He finds no way out, he finds no solution. He doesn’t know where to start. This abandoned building is your heart. Give him some hope so he can build the dreams he had together with you. Don’t let you heart suffer for the minimum setback. Cause you’ll never be happy this way. Give love a chance.

Submitted by: Kim Van den Berge

I can’t tell you when you’re ready to love, but I can say don’t wait too long to grab your chance. Cause sooner or later, your chance will fade away.

Submitted by: Kim Van den Berge

A life with love will have some thorns,
A life without love will have no roses.

Submitted by: Arfat Rather

I don’t know much about fighting but I know that I would fight for you. <3

Submitted by: maddie

Love is a flame. It’s interesting and dangerous, but eventually it’ll die out.

Submitted by: ...

It is true love when he has accepted you for whoever you are and loves you even at your worst.

Submitted by: julie rae ong

Love is like a boomerang, you give it, you get it back.

Submitted by: Prince Muzik

I’d rather be blind than not see you, I’d rather be deaf than not hear you, I’d rather be mute than not say this to you that I’d rather to lose my heart than not love you.

Submitted by: dhey

Love is a gift worth giving, sometimes you just give more than you revive.

Submitted by: Anonymous

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