Quotes and Sayings about Lust

Conscience will sleep a while when lust is awaken.

Submitted by: med

Lust is the source of all our actions, and humanity.
— Blaise Pascal

Lust feels like love until it’s time to make a sacrifice.

Lust is when you love only what you see. Love is when you lust for what’s inside.

Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation.
Mason Cooley

Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence.
Mason Cooley

Love talks and talks. Lust is brief and to the point.
Mason Cooley

Lust confuses the meaning of love.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Lolo

I don’t believe in love at first sight. You fall in lust with what your eyes see, and in love with what your heart sees.

Submitted by: tk

Carnal lust rules where there is no love of God.
– St. Augustine

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