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Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
Oscar Wilde

My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.
– Beatrice Wood

To err is human, to forgive, divine.
Alexander Pope

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If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.
– Tallulah Bankhead

I believe that life is about making mistakes and learning from them. Without mistakes it is impossible to grow and learn.

Submitted by: bella

The only mistake you’ve made, is never learning from your mistakes

Submitted by: Jader

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.
Elbert Hubbard

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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.

Submitted by: sonia malazarte

The only person who does not make a mistake is the one who is sitting and doing nothing.

Submitted by: Luyanda Mancapa

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
– John Powell

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
James Joyce

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Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom.
– William Jordan

To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all.
– Peter McWilliams

Don’t tell me what I did wrong show me how to make it better.

Submitted by: sam

I have learned more from my mistakes than from my successes.
– Humphrey Davy

Never try to erase a mistake. Instead, embrace it, reflect on it, and turn it into something beautiful.

Submitted by: Jake White

When you make a mistake, admit it. If you don’t, you only make matters worse.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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Sadly, we are good judges of others mistakes but even greater lawyers of our own mistakes.

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