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My two most favorite words in the English language are “cheque enclosed”.
– Dorothy Parker

Submitted by: prplraines

If you don’t treat the penny right, how then will the pound come to you and stay.

Submitted by: Linda Daniels

You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy.

Submitted by: Eric

It is how we spend our time that determines our worth. Do not determine your value by something that inflates and deflates so easily. Value what your heart can hold. For money will never hold its value.

Submitted by: CL

To be poor is not a problem but to remain poor is.

Submitted by: Kwame Amuzu

When money talks, everybody listens.

Submitted by: job guban

Sometimes you gotta let that dollar go in order to open up your hand for that hundred dollar bill.

Submitted by: Savjudah

More money, more problems.

Submitted by: Damon Ellis

If money isn’t everything..then why do we spend all our life working?

Submitted by: melly

When money talks, nobody checks the grammar.

Submitted by: uday

Money cannot buy you happiness; however, it does allow you the time to pursue it properly.

Submitted by: Darlene Stephenson

How does a little piece of paper cause so much commotion.

Submitted by: Tray'C the TriLL(B.i.C.)

It is said that “Money cannot buy happiness”. It’s true in one sense. But in other way you can get happiness from money if you utilize on proper. If you have money, help someone who are in need and finding it difficult to achieve their goal because of money shortage or problem. You get happiness and peace of mind, by using your money in better way.

Submitted by: RAHUL

You can be rich in many ways besides money.

Submitted by: B.O.B

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can rent a lot of it.

Submitted by: AnonymousL

They say money isn’t everything. But it’s a scary thought to think what would happen if it all disappeared.

Submitted by: Aj hinds

They say money isn’t everything. But it a scary thought to image what would happen if it all disappeared.

Submitted by: Aj Hinds

Money can’t buy happiness but I’d rather cry in a Lamborghini.

Submitted by: Zoey

Having money makes sense. And having sense makes money.

Submitted by: Daniel

Money, Power and Respect..:)-

Submitted by: S.Carter

Don’t spend your money on the things you want, because tomorrow you won’t have it for the things you need.

Submitted by: Jackie

When my father would lend me a small amount of money as a teenager he would say “This is enough money to get you into trouble but not enough to get you out.”

Submitted by: Robert Thompson

Money can buy a pretty good dog, but not the wag of his tail.

Submitted by: Brav

Money can’t buy happiness… But money can buy time, time can buy freedom and freedom can buy happiness.

Submitted by: Sam

Work is the price we pay for money.

Submitted by: Tahj

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