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Money can’t buy happiness… But money can buy time, time can buy freedom and freedom can buy happiness.

Submitted by: Sam

Work is the price we pay for money.

Submitted by: Tahj

Some say money is the route of all evil, I say keep a pure heart and keep stacking it.

Submitted by: christina Lynn

Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.

Submitted by: Hermawan Arsandi

Money can’t buy happiness, but its sometimes better to cry in a Mercedes.

Submitted by: Mohit

Money is the face of evil printed upon paper.

Submitted by: Mike

Teacher : Would you trade you friends for money?
Student : Yes
Teacher : Why?
Student : People change money doesn’t.

Submitted by: A.B.

Money is not everything but it puts smile on faces.

Submitted by: P.D.Ellis

One man’s wealth comes from another’s misfortune.

Submitted by: GT

A rich man can afford to pay for his mistakes.

Submitted by: Ngoni

Money is something we all need, earn it in an honest way and spend it in a good way.

Submitted by: lubna Rabia

P – Passed
O – Over
O – Opportunity
R – Repeatedly

Submitted by: Lori

When money speaks, the truth remains silent.

Submitted by: anna

Make money, money by fair means if you can, if not, but any means money

Submitted by: dairo abiodun

When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.

Submitted by: Damilare Olaore

Don’t spend your money, before you have it.

Submitted by: Sandip Shah

A shoe filled with money is ….. Still a shoe!

Submitted by: Noha Gaafar

People appreciate money for what it can do but not the piece of paper itself.

Submitted by: Ifeanyi Nwokorie P

When it comes to time and money, waste money, you can always make more. Don’t waste time. You can never get it back.

Submitted by: Heath

Do not love money, it will never love you back.

Submitted by: Barry Kade

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