Music Quotes and Sayings

Without music, life would be a mistake… I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The moment when music flows through your blood stream, just know it’s part of you now.

Submitted by: tumelo sedutla

The only truth is music.
– Jack Kerouac

Language is a barrier. Music is a bridge.

Submitted by: Jourdan Mendoza

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.
George Carlin

Music fills the infinite between two souls.
Rabindranath Tagore

Music is not math. It’s science. You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion.
Bruno Mars

Music is love in search of a word.

Without music, how else would we express ourselves?

Submitted by: Jessica Lynn

My goal is to be one with the music. I just dedicate my whole life to this art.
Jimi Hendrix

Music makes me high on stage, and that’s the truth. It’s like being almost addicted to music.
Jimi Hendrix

I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes.
– Hunter S Thompson

Submitted by: Jerry Hilbert

Music is the universal language of mankind.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When I listen to music I find myself disappearing from the world I know going to another world to another galaxy where I only find wonderful things beautiful things and pure things. It’s the only thing that helps me get over all of this obstacles that I face during my life. It helps me even more than people do. Even if I don’t know what the lyrics mean it comfort me more than the silly words that people around me always say but when it ends when I look around I find the real world attacking me without any drop of mercy. The walls and borders starting to contain me once again.

Submitted by: amal adham elbadoy

It is music and dancing that make me at peace with the world.
Nelson Mandela

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