Opportunity Quotes and Sayings

Challenge your limit, never miss an opportunity.

Golden opportunity knocks only once, be steadfast to let it in.

Submitted by: ddr

Never wait for opportunity just grab it.

Submitted by: arun kumar

Doors of opportunities are just like refrigerators, we often open and close it without being able to see what we want. The difference is that we can open the fridge whenever we want.

Submitted by: Naqibullah Paiman

Take every problem as a challenge and create an opportunity out of it.

Submitted by: Livhuwani

God always offers us a second chance in life.
Paulo Coelho

We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.
Dr. Seuss


The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity.
John F. Kennedy

Taking responsibility, provokes opportunity.

Submitted by: chigozie stanley odueze

I have just finished building a door, for an opportunity to knock on it!

Submitted by: YvesSaint King Tsatsi

Opportunity…it often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.
Napoleon Hill

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.
John F. Kennedy

In the ashes of destruction, there is always a seed of opportunity.
– Deepak Chopra

Submitted by: Brian

Out of chaos comes confidence and opportunity.

Submitted by: felecia

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Submitted by: Naris Veron

When we are aware of our weaknesses or negative tendencies, we open the opportunity to work on them.
Allan Lokos

Being grateful for the life you have and the many blessings, opportunities, and talents you possess is an amazing way to open your heart and mind to the truth that your are valuable.
– Vinnie Fisher

We must work together to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth, opportunity, and power in our society.
Nelson Mandela

When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock it.. kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself
Dwayne Johnson

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