Past Quotes and Sayings

Accept your past without regrets, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear.

When the fire is gone, the heat remains in the ashes. When the love is gone, the pain remains in the heart.

Submitted by: bry&Anne

No man is rich enough to buy back his past…

Submitted by: Lil' Rogue

If you find it necessary to judge me by my past, don’t be surprised when I find it necessary to put you there.

The past is only the future with the lights on.

Submitted by: ALEX

Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons.
Dear Future, I am ready!

About the past:
When a door closes, we often look so longingly back at it, that we don’t see a new one has opened.

Submitted by: Bella

Just because the past taps you on the shoulders, doesn’t mean you have to look back.

Alex Is Wrong.
If You Forget, You Have The Chance To Make The Same Mistake.
Always Forgive Tho. [;

Submitted by: Freak.

Yesterdays history, tomorows a mystery, today is a gift

Submitted by: sophie

Sometimes we look to our past to compare and contrast with our present but the past is the past for a reason and everyone who has been left in it has no purpose in your future – if you plan to get to your future you gotta keep your past in your rear view.

Submitted by: barbie[rich]

Don’t look back with regret, look forward with Hope.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Submitted by: Mallarie Mcninch

Rather than wasting time on yesterday that is gone, it is better to invest your time in tomorrow that is not yet born.

Submitted by: RVM

Don’t look at the past, you won’t be able to go back there anyway.

Submitted by: Keiko

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