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People need to look in the mirror at their own imperfections before they start pointing out other people’s imperfections. It’s simple to see what’s wrong with others. The challenge is to figure out what’s wrong with you.

Submitted by: Nancy Luina

Think of it “If life is perfect would you still know GOD?”

Submitted by: aelwatanabe

Perfection is of God alone, no human can be perfect.

Submitted by: chiky

Remember that time you were perfect? …obviously not

Submitted by: lwazi

You are not damaged, you are a perfect imperfection.

Submitted by: Skinner

I’m Not Perfect… I’m Just Better Than You.

Submitted by: Mark Sipot

Perfection is joy if you use it

Submitted by: Andrew

Have no fear for perfection, you’ll never reach it

Submitted by: Autumn

Perfection: Scientists’ worst nightmare.

Submitted by: blackrose

There is no such thing as perfect, yet everyone is perfect in their own way.

Submitted by: Aname

The perfection of imperfection is the closest anyone can ever come to perfection.

Submitted by: Nicole

Perfection is the number one thing no one can achieve.

Submitted by: Miki

Perfection is what you can no longer believe to be wrong.

Submitted by: Casey

Perfect people worry me!

Submitted by: Bushra

Perfection doesn’t exist

Submitted by: ..KATE..

Waiting for the perfect girl? Idiot, even if you find her she’ll be waiting for the perfect man.

If everything and everyone was perfect, we’d all be bored…

Submitted by: amber

Perfection seems sterile; it is final, no mystery in it; it’s a product of an assembly line.
Dejan Stojanovic

Submitted by: Dejan Stojanovic

Me Perfect? NO! Better Than You? Of Course!

Submitted by: Nessa

You might aim for perfection..but then again..i achieve it..xD

Submitted by: ThE bEhOlDeR...

If perfect girls aren’t real, why bother breaking unperfect girls hearts?

Submitted by: annie

Nobody’s perfect, but I’m so close it scares me! :p

Submitted by: Stefana

If you strive for perfection you will fail at being good.

Submitted by: Candi

Nobody is perfect… But I’m pretty close!

Submitted by: darko-volk

Everything is perfect. It just depends the way you see it.

Submitted by: Aisha K.

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