Perfection Quotes and Sayings

Perfection is like a beautiful woman… You’ll never get her because you’re married to reality.

Submitted by: Dave

Practice makes perfect, but since nobody’s perfect, why practice?

Submitted by: gabby

Nothing or no one is perfect. We are all imperfect but its those imperfections that what makes us perfect

Submitted by: gioluna

Watch your eye; Should it ever reveal to you the faults of others Say to it, “O my eye! Other people have eyes too!”

Submitted by: Shumaila

If you are perfect. You haven’t lived.You know why?
Because you never learn anything because you are so perfect.
Because you never felt sadness and rejection.
Because you are perfect no one will be good enough for you
Because you are perfect I don’t want to be like you. I like to work hard for something and feel pride. Because you are perfect you won’t be able to live through the things that normal human beings would.
I don’t want be perfect because all these things are a part of life.

Submitted by: Sarah

“there is no a perfect girl or a perfect man but there is a right girl and a right man for each of us”

Submitted by: jia-di

Perfection Is A Wish That Will Never Come True…

Submitted by: Gemma..x

Do you expect to find a perfect someone – when you know that including yourself, that perfect someone doesn’t exist?
In any case, life would be boring with perfection by your side – lack of challenge and, to think of how tough it would be to keep up with this perfect person!! You’d feel like the loser every time!

Submitted by: van

You need to realise all your flaws before you can take your first step towards perfection.

Submitted by: Ola

Everyone is perfect, I can see it. If you cant, you will someday. Everything is how it should be, once you find freedom the perfect person for you will appear. How do I know, it just happened to me. Be love :- )

Submitted by: Caley Bigs Hall

YOu aRe suRely nOt perfeCt…
sO doN’t looK foR a perfeCt oNe!!!
aLL oS uS cAn mAke mistAkes,,,
iF yOu dOn’t tHeN you’Re nOt a humAn…

Submitted by: gRacey

Perfect people worry me!

Submitted by: Bushra

Never walk away from someone when you see faults, be patient and realize that nobody is perfect, it’s affection that matters, not perfection!!!

Submitted by: Madeline

Nobody is perfect, I am nobody, therefore I am perfect

Submitted by: ellen

You might aim for perfection..but then again..i achieve it..xD

Submitted by: ThE bEhOlDeR...

Perfection is only for God.

Submitted by: mr. alamin

No one would love you for being perfect
it’s like no one hates you for being imperfect

Submitted by: graceee.x

If you work hard on something, it’s still not perfect, just better than before.

Submitted by: re

Perfection doesn’t exist

Submitted by: ..KATE..

True perfection is in all the little imperfections.

Submitted by: Always2ndPlace

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