Perfection Quotes and Sayings

Nothing rolls like a ball

Submitted by: Brent the Boozer

Everyone is perfect, God doesn’t make mistakes!

Submitted by: Stefan

Nobody is perfect, I am nobody, therefore I am perfect

Submitted by: ellen

Honesty is Prefect,
if you are honest that is you are PERFECT.

Submitted by: Ismatullah

Perfection should be your goal. Just a simple mission statement.

Submitted by: Hasna

They say that nobody is perfect, then they say that practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.

Submitted by: Tracy

Perfection is not the same in everyone’s eyes, perfection is the desire within ourselves to find “the one” and “the one” is perfect to you but not to others.
Perfection is what one wants and needs and others shall not see because their view on perfection shall always be different.

Submitted by: Trent harris

If you are trying to be prefect in this imperfect world. You are doom to fail.

Submitted by: Julio Vazquez

Perfection of imperfection is the best perfection.

Submitted by: atif

If everyone was perfect, we would all be boring, it’s our flaws that really make us ourselves.
– Chloe Elise Baul

Submitted by: Chloe

The only flaws you have are the ones you let yourself see.

Submitted by: kate

By design/instinct we seek perfection for if we didn’t there would be no children. If you settle for mediocre the best that can be had is mediocrity, if you seek perfection the best that can be had is greatness. Those that say perfection can not be found have not known God because everything that he made is perfect even you. Be thankful for what you have but don’t settle for mediocrity.

Submitted by: Tom

I’m may not be perfect but I am me.

Submitted by: lola

Perfection is not always everything…just live your life.

Submitted by: janine

I know I’m not perfect – my flaws make me interesting.

Submitted by: Emma

Perfection is not impossible, yet it is always fleeting.

Submitted by: Maria

Be excellent on the present day, we will think about perfection tomorrow.

Submitted by: Abhijit

If we are human then we are not perfect, we are simply good at what we do.

Submitted by: A Single Gothic Rose

Imperfections are what makes you and I so perfect in the long run.

Submitted by: meagan

Three problems with trying to be perfect: It’s unachievable; it won’t retroactively resolve your childhood issues; and, everyone resents “perfect” people.
Alan Robert Neal

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