Pimples quotes and sayings

If you’re stressed, you get pimples. If you cry, you get wrinkles. So just smile and get dimples.

Dear Pimples, get the fck off my face nobody invited you here, you make my life more worst and I already have enough stuff to deal with.

Dear Pimples,
If you’re going to live on my face, I’m gonna need to start seeing some rent.


Movies: Biggest enemy: Popular girls
Me and reality: Biggest enemy: PIMPLES

Acne: Oh you have a date coming up?

Let me invite some of my friends


Dear pimples,
I think I’ve popped you enough to make you realize that I don’t like you!

P.S: get out of my face!

That mini-heart attack u have when u realize u just scratched a pimple

When the biggest pimple in the history of pimples decides to show up on picture day.
Thanks for coming out on photo day, my beloved pimple.

Let me just see if I can pop this small pimple on my face that you can hardly notice

Aaand now my face is a hot mess

Some makeup you put on and feel like you’re getting pimples by the hour.

Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience… and pimples.


My face is pizza-shaped, and my acne in high school was like pepperoni. Thank God it was carry out and not delivery.

Major Injury:

Pimple right under the nose

For most of us, the most common and unfortunate side effect of skin problems is isolation. We don’t want to be seen the way we look. You can hide a lot of physical flaws, but not acne. It’s right there, on the first thing people notice about us – our face. And it’s hard for some of us to imagine that people can see the face – the PERSON – behind the acne.

As an actor you have one great fear: pimples!

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