Desperate for His Love

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Why is it like this?
Its just not right.
we’re supposed to be happy,
yet all we do is fight.
I cannot take this,
no, i WILL NOT take this.
all I truly want is the way we used to be,
but this will be the last time
I attempt this desperate please.
i love you with my entire soul,
i will do whatever it takes;
my heart will not allow me to let go
regardless of whats at stake.
you’ve given me the greatest gifts
and for that im forever thankful;
you’ve also taken some away
and for that im forever hopeful.
i only want to be with you
but i cannot do it on my own,
you say you want to be with me too
but i yet i cry alone.
i never want to hurt you,
you’re what makes my every day
but in the end i happened to realize
you have to want to stay.
i am ready to start over,
you may again have my heart.
or will it be the same old thing?
excuses to keep us apart…
i dont want to wait for love
when its right there is my grasp,
i do, however, want a love thats real
and one thats going to last.
i believe with all my heart your love is the love i need,
but are you willing to give it back to me,
that is the question here indeed…
i love you, i love you, i love you;
that is all i have left to say,
and like i said before, my love
you have to want to stay.

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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