Do you still love me?

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Every night everyday
i wanna see your smile in your face
i wanna feel your hand lock with mine
coz your the only one who can make each of my day shine, but

sometimes i feel like i wanna give up
feel like breaking up
coz you know what?
im really trying my best
but i think for you, its all worthless

could you be approachable?
so that things wont be miserable
i love you
but i guess its not worth it for you

sometimes i feel like you couldn’t feel my love for you
fell like you dont love me too
‘coz even if how hard i tried to reach you out
your always keeping on pushing my heart away from your heart

are we really forever?
or just “forever” is OVER??

This poem was written/submitted by donna rose amper.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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