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Dreams I seek are like reaching a mountains peek.
Climbing hills and valleys every week.
Striving for the promise land I seek.
Everlasting dreams floating in my head,
The thought of sitting at the table with Christ and breaking bread.
A lot of thoughts and aspirations,
dreams of paradise an everlasting vacation.
I dream in my sleep, reliving a fantasy,
the unwritten vision that lies dormant in my head.
Dream before it happens, déjà vu,
given a clue, about the future but yet, I’m still clueless.
Random dreams, random thoughts, brought by one who was by his peers torn,
The one who is unto a virgin, Born.
Christ like dreams, devilish dreams all in a mix
I wish it was as easy as eating a Twix.
Never forgetting my dreams
Remembering my past.
Hoping one day I reach the kingdom
Hearing the angels say “At last”
A Beautiful Dream!

This post was submitted by Dalen Smith.

Category: Hope Poems
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