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If I could draw, I would forever draw your face,
because you beautifully sculpted and everything in place.
If I could sing, I would forever sing your beauty,
for your angelic features trigger creativity.
If I could be an angel, I would forever protect you,
and keep you safe, for whenever I will be by you.

If I could be the sun, I would forever shine dimly,
for your stunning beauty shines so dearly.
If I could be wind, I would forever blow towards you,
to give you cool breeze and take away sorrows from you.
If I could be ocean, my waves would forever move to shore,
and water our love from head to toe.

Honey I wish I could be the very best,
but whatever I think puts me to test,
because in whatever form I could have changed,
I would be acting like chameleon in camouflage.
My best form is to be me. The real me,
and forever cherish LOVE between YOU and me.

This poem was written/submitted by Geoffrey Marvin.

Category: Love Poems
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