I’m sorry

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I’m sorry if I can’t tell you I do care
Because I don’t want you to discover,
This feeling I used to keep hidden
Even I’ve suffer from the pain every now and then.

I’m sorry if I had to lie
Because I’m afraid I could no longer deny,
That I’ve already fallin’ to this guy
Which from now on will always be the apple of my eye.

Sorry if I’m pushing you away
For I knew deep inside my heart you remain and stay,
I’m sorry if I keep on insisting you’re just my friend
Because I keep on praying we could be together and our friendship will last till the end.

Sorry if I couldn’t stop myself from confessing
At this moment, you are about to hear my real feelings,
Hoping you’re not yet committed and still holding on
Until you knew what I really felt for you, through this poem.

Lastly, I wanna end up this poem by still saying I’m sorry
If I can no longer pretend to be your good friend you thought I would be,
From now on, I’ll let you tame this wild heart of mine forever
‘Coz “I LIKE YOU” too my dear TAMER.

This poem was written/submitted by zai2 59.

Category: Sorry Poems
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